I am happy and sad all at the same time. I’m happy because I’ve gotten to meet such a great person, and sad that our adventure together is over. I went on location to do hair and makeup for Mary Amanda on her wedding day this Saturday. Before that I had met with Mary Amanda several times, first time was to do a hair trial, second was at an open house, and third was to put extensions in her hair. All three of those times were a hoot. Mary Amanda has a truly bright personality. The minute you meet her you want to be her friend. She is just so… fun! I’ve had the best time getting to know her and her new husband Ross. Who is just as friendly as she is. These two have a great spark about them and you just know that they’re going to make it.
I was a bit intimidated at first to work with Mary Amanda because her sister is a hair stylist as well, but doesn’t enjoy doing the “fancy stuff”. Anytime you work with a stylist you wonder if they’re secretly judging you and thinking that they could be doing better. I know I would! But after meeting her sister on the day-of I knew that she wasn’t at all like me.. she was super sweet and non-judgemental! (Wait, I mean, I’m super sweet and non-judgemental too, just not now, well, I mean I was sweet I think. Anyway, you get what I mean! )
Mary Amanda’s mom is this soft spoken, sweet lady who loves to ask questions, and just get to know you. I loved her whole family!
So anyway, Mary Amanda wanted her hair mostly down with some natural waves. She was concerned that her hair was too short in the front and that curling it would make it even shorter, so we got together and put in some extensions that would not only fill in the shortness from the front, but also add a little extra fullness. Mary Amanda was a little scared at first, but the second we were done with the extensions she swore she needed to have them in 24-7 for the rest of her life!
On the big day, we curled her hair with a larger barrel curling iron and added a few flowers given to us by her florist the ever so amazing Petal Pushers. We also did very natural makeup with a bit darker shadow. We also did individual false lashes on the outer corners of her eyes to “flirt” up the look a little.
I’ve posted a few non-professional photos, and can’t wait to get the “real” ones!
My sister Wendee was her coordinator and if I had a dollar for how many times Mary Amanda and her mother raved about her and all her help, I could retire!

On with the show:

I apologize for the whiteness of this picture, I am not a professional photographer!

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