On of my bestest friends Jacquetta, was going through a hair frump. Jacquetta is the icon of all that is a fine and thin haired chick-a-dee. She’s been battling this dilemma all her life, and to combat it, she’s been perming her hair on a regular basis to add some body. Jacquetta had told me that she was tired of spending so much money having her hair permed but didn’t want to succumb to her flat hair.

So after weeks of talking about it, she decided to take the plunge and let me do what we needed to do to add texture and body to her hair.

Jacquetta had mid back length hair that was partially curly from a previous perm and mostly straight. Many people don’t realize that longer hair can add a lot of weight and cause more “flatness”.
We both decided that taking a lot of the bulk out of her hair was the best idea. We also had to keep in mind that she has a round face and that we need to be sure to keep that in mind when choosing a style.

Thanks for letting me chop your hair off! I love ya!Posted by Picasa

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