A Horse of a tail..

Dr. Julie wasn’t a doctor when I first met her in 2012.  She was a budding veterinary student ready to take on the world of animal care.  Okay, so she wasn’t budding.  She was on her last year of veterinary school.  But as you can tell, I’m not a professional writer so I have to use what I can.

I first met Julie at her trial and then when she wanted to try out airbrush makeup for her engagement session.  So we did that.  (find it here) Then we emailed back and forth a few times, until Julie’s wedding date slowly crept up on us.  We met up for another hair trial and THEN her bridals.  Each time, I loved her more.   We played with quite a few styles and finally found one that really felt like Julie.  Nothing fussy.  Just classic.  And timeless.

Finally came the day we worked  so hard for.  I say we.  I had nothing to do with the strenuous planning of a wedding.  I just got to hang out with a cool chick a few times.  I’m pretty sure I got the good end of the deal!

On the big day, my assistant and I arrived at her hotel got her and her momma, sister, and bridesmaid ready to go.   Julie also chose our “On site touch ups” option  that we offer so we got to meet up with her again at the venue.  Which was completely awesome because we never get to see our clients actually get married.  And see them get married we did.  Chelsea and I literally crouched down in some far away bushes to watch the ceremony.  It was great.

I’m really really going to miss working with Julie.  I just lover her so much.  She’s out in the country caring for some horses now and until I get my own- I wont get to see her.  That is until she does maternity and family pictures to which she has vowed her first born she’ll contact me for.  Maybe she didn’t vow her first born.  But maybe she did.  Does ANYONE really even read my contracts?

Anyway- Julie.  If you’re reading this.  It was truly all my honor.  I miss you already! Photography by: Caroline+Ben


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  1. You are the best!!!! Thank you for everything!

    1. You’re the best! Seriously.

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