Addressing some concerns.

I wanted to take a moment to address some questions and concerns that have come up.

First of all I want to thank everyone for their kind words and well wishes with our new little one! She is amazing and her big brother loves her to pieces. No really, he tries pulling her fingers and toes.. You know, average 2 1/2 year old stuff!

Anyway- While I am still on a light maternity leave, I am trying to find a balance of being able to work at home and still return y’alls phone calls and emails!

I apologize now if there has been or will be any confusion!

I do appreciate your understanding while I sort things out.

Now for the concerns.

I recently had someone ask me if their date was available, and I confirmed it was, and we proceeded to get the date securing ball rolling. I sent said client the contract and then did not hear back from her. This wouldn’t be the first time this has happened so the date that had a tentitive hold on it was back up for grabs. Of course once I booked someone else for that day, the previous client contacted me and was upset when I told her the day was no longer available. I definitely understand why she was upset, but I get at least 5-10 emails a day asking about dates. If I held every one of them without the contract- I would be doing 5 weddings a year.

So please know, that I am not in any way trying to do any sort of pressure sale- I just cannot hold a day without some sort of security! I have a newborn to diaper after-all!

Concern #2:

The difference between airbrush makeup and standard makeup:

Now many of you who have done trials with me have heard me say this.. I am not a good sales person. I don’t like to push things on people, and I don’t like to make someone think I’m pushing one thing rather than the other because its more expensive. That being said. Here is my opinion on what the difference is between my airbrush foundation and standard foundation.

For the standard foundation I use MAC’s Face and Body, which is a water-based water resistant foundation. So if you sweat or tear up a little bit, its not going to streak. But it can be wiped off, so you definitely want to blot not rub when/if you cry. This foundation has build-able coverage-so it can get heavy if you have a lot that needs to be covered.
You may also need concealor with this as well. This is great however, if you have pretty clear skin.
The Glamour airbrush foundation has light to full coverage without feeling heavy. Great for skin with a lot of blemishes or red marks. Tear and sweat proof as well as the standard foundation. Maybe a tad bit more so. Usually has longer wear as well.
The Camouflage foundation is the full coverage foundation that is great for covering any discoloration, or if you have oily skin. Also great for tattoo cover up. This makeup is contact proof so it wont smudge or rub off on people and has to be washed off. So crying and sweating is no problem. This foundation can feel heavy though if you have dryer skin. But specialized moisturizer can be added.

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