Alissa Joy

Man,  where do I start with this one.  Oh!  Lets start with the fact that I renamed the bride.  Sorta.  I don’t really know if her middle name is Joy.  But it should be.  Because that’s what this girl is.  Joy.  She’s a joy to be around.  She has a  joyful spirit, a joyful smile.. She’s just joy.

I actually worked with Alissa’s mom a lot throughout the booking process.  And guess what.  I think her middle name is Joy too.  Must be a family name.  Or trait.  Whichever- they take this joy thing very seriously.

Okay-  enough of the joy.  It’s putting a damper on my dry sense of humor.

I do want to let you guys in on a little secret.  When I first met Alissa, I was getting her ready at her adorable straight out of Pinterest house, and I had just finished the last touches on her hair and makeup and was having her look in the mirror when I wanted to blend a certain spot with my foundation brush.  When I went to grab the foundation brush, I realized I couldn’t find it.  Then I realized that I NEVER APPLIED THE FOUNDATION!!  Seriously.  Completely forgot it.  Her skin is gorgeous without it.  I’ll give you a minute to get over your eye rolling and profanity.  It’s not right that someone is this kind, and this pretty all in one package. ( That Carl is one lucky dude.  I hope he’s playing the lotto this weekend. )  So I asked Alissa when she planned on speaking up about the foundation or lack there of, and she said she didn’t know if it was just how I did things, or if I just did it very last.  She didn’t want to step on my toes by saying something.  So.  I thought I would turn lemons into lemonaide and save some money and skip the foundation all together….  Oh come on!  You don’t actually believe that do you?  Well, it’s partly true.  I did our light coverage foundation because she has naturally pretty skin and great freckles that we didn’t want to cover up.

I wanted to point out that I have been to more weddings where I wished the bridesmaids were more supportive of the bride.  I wish I heard them encouraging her more, loving on her, and trying to help her really enjoy her day.  I wish this was the norm.  But sadly, it’s not.  Quite the opposite.  So imagine my absolute surprise when I heard only positive, supportive things from Alissa’s bridesmaids.  They all complimented each other, the bride, and just made the day soo nice.  Especially when there was a pending thunderstorm threatening their outdoor wedding.  They all encouraged her and were only positive about the weather.  And I don’t do this often at all,  actually, on VERY rare occasions do I offer up my, “It will-not rain during your ceremony” guarantee.   But, I had to make an exception.  And what do you know.  A gorgeous rain-free ceremony.  You’re welcome 😉 Anyway- here are some pictures of the amazing bride.  Followed by pictures from her actual wedding.  We got to do hair for most of her bridesmaids and hair and makeup for her.I think this picture captures Alissa the best!

I cannot think of a better way to start a marriage!  Such great and supportive friends.I mean, look at her.  She’s SOOO happy!All pictures courtesy of the amazingly talented duo- The Austin Wedding Photographers- AKA GeofF Duncan

Wedding at the gorgeous Camp Lucy in Dripping Springs.

P.S  Check out this shout out from MommaJoy-


You were so sweet for Alissa and the girls to work with! Alissa looked gorgeous and she felt soooo good thanks to your work! You all are very good at what you do… And you were correct-NO RAIN! It was gorgeous!
Thanks again-Momma Joy”  <– that’s not her real name.  I made that part up.

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