Amy (May 2009)

Amy found me via my sister Wendee with Lucies Events. I had only talked with Amy via phone calls and emails and never actually did a trial with her. So on the day of, I was a wee bit nervous but this definitely wouldn’t have been the first time I’ve done a trial-less wedding. Once entering her hotel room, I KNEW my job would be a piece of cake. The girl is gorgeous! I was certain I could throw a bow in Amy’s hair and then blow some powder on her face and I’d be done! BUT, we decided to go the professional route.

I ended up doing Amy’s moms hair that day as well. But for Amy we did loose curls with natural makeup and darker lips. The weather was rainy and VERY humid. Which is always a concern for girls with naturally straight hair. Luck was on our side and her hair held up rather well! Thanks for being so awesome Amy!
I snagged some photos from her photographers site. Thanks A Bryan Photo!

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  1. Gorgeous job as always!!

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