Betty-Betty-Bo-Betty… BETTY!

What do you get when you have an awesome client, an amazing photographer, and me?

Super awesomeness- that’s what!

I met Betty almost a year ago.  April 2012 to be exact.  It’s not weird and/or borderline obsessive that I know that, btw.  I found it on my calendar.  I swear!

Her gorgeous engagement session is posted Here. 

Then I got to to see her again for her bridals- pictures below.  And FINALLY her blissful big day!  Betty and her bridesmaids were wanting hair and makeup and each and every one of those girls were hilarious.  It was a sad day for me.  To have to leave behind my precious Betty.

Luckily I’ve insisted she have children and anniversaries where she’ll have to have each event professionally photographed and of course- she’ll need hair and makeup.

So.. This isn’t goodbye.  I insist!

Anyway- I think I smell something burning on my Betty shrine.  Enjoy the pictures below.  Courtesy of the always awesome Urban Grey Photography.

Seriously- How can you NOT love this girl?

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