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Back in my day when I was a senior in High School.. You know back when we were writing on these funny things called paper.  Using carpal tunnel enduring devices called pencils.. I didn’t get my senior pictures done.  I had gone to a really, really cheap “salon” and showed the lady the haircut that I wanted and ended up with something that closely resembled what Kate Gosselin sported for a while.   I’m not even kidding.  I should get some sort of royalties or kick back from inspiring the whole thing.  So, needless to say. I wasn’t into any time capsuling photos at that current juncture in my life.

Madison doesn’t seem to be having any of those issues.  Other than the horrible misfortune of being gorgeous.  Let us all collectively roll our eyes at her.  Okay, now quit that.  She’s a sweet girl.  Shame on you.

Madison and I have something pretty awesome in common. Brittney.  If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll remember her from a previous post.  Have you ever heard that saying, “you fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down”?  There are no ugly trees in this family.  Not even little weeds.  Their mom is gorgeous, Brittney is gorgeous, and of course.  Madison is as well.  (BTW, I got a little peek at Brittneys adorable daughter, and she’s gorgeous too!).

You probably know by now how much I love Kelly Cameron.  She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and she’s a passionate photographer who loves what she’s does, and it absolutly shows.

Madison wanted a very natural look with a little drama on her eyes.  Smudged liner and lashes help to make a big difference without having to to super dramatic with the rest of her makeup.

August 12, 2014 - 2:01 pm

Kelly Cameron - Oh, what a super fun feature! I always love working with you, Angela! You did a fabulous job on Madison’s hair and make up -as always!
We had such a blast shooting her session around the Granger/Georgetown area and I’m tickled she’s so pleased with it. Looking for something TOTALLY different than what her friends were receiving in their senior sessions in Ohio, I think, Team, we nailed it!
And don’t you just love her style?! Awesome wardrobe choices and great accessories!||Pin it

Love is and open… pore?

If you sang that title in the tune of Frozens “Love is an open door” then you might have 800 kids like me.   Or the love for Disney movies.  Either way.  The song is now stuck in your head.  And I may have tarnished the lyrics for you, forever.  I do apologize.

But not unlike Disney movies, I’ve come to you with a fairy tail, and THE TRUTH!  So get out your footed jammies and sit close, because you’re going want to hear this.

There once was a sweet innocent princess, who had perfect glowing skin.  Until one day, she got into a bar fight with an evil witch who put a curse on her.  The curse was that one day, when she hit puberty her face will become speckled with tiny holes that hold things like bacteria and oxidized sebum.  To further her cruelty she would provide the princess with creams, and potions promising to shrink and close the holes.  Only they would never close. They would never shrink. The sweet princess would spend the rest of her life and hard earned money trying to get them to, because she was told they would.

I wanted to add a heroic male role, but things would just start to get weird.   So, I’ll just dub myself the fairy godmother and get straight to the point.   And, this is going to hurt a little.  But you need to know it.

(I tried to post these blog posts with pictures, but let me tell you.  I googled pictures of pores and I found things that I can never unsee. I blink and I still see them.  I’m forever changed.  And not in the good way.  But if I can save just one persons retinas, then my job here is done. So trust me.  Don’t google it.   Instead.  Check out this adorable pony.  Everyone loves ponies right?)

Can I get a raise of hands from the people who just talked baby talk to this fluffy ball of cuteness?


Pores are pores.  They can’t open.  They can’t close.  They can’t shrink.   Everyone has them.  But due to our unfortunate relatives- some of us have larger ones than others.   I, for instance.  Have giant pores.  Blackheads if you will. What are blackheads?  They’re our precious pores that have been filled with sebum, which is an oil our skin produces to keep our skin moisturized. This sebum contains melanin which  has been filled with bacteria and has become oxidized giving it a darker appearance. You can also get white heads.  White heads are the sebum that has failed to exit the hair follicle/pore and builds up with bacteria. Despite our natural reaction to this- over washing will not make these go away. So step away from the exfoliating scrub.

There are SOO many products out there that promise to shrink, or close our pores.  And it’s surprising they’re allowed to even advertise that.   These products are products to stay away from. I realize it sounds like I’ve given you a whole lot of dark.  Let me shed some light for you.  You can extract the gunk which causes the darker or white appearance.

While we can’t get rid of our troublesome and unsightly pores.  We can minimize the look of them.  Some people swear by primers.  There are a couple of great primers out there that help spackle over those holes. Like many if not most makeup products, one size does not fit all. So hop over to your local Sephora and see which one works for you.

Not a fan of primers?  Great!  Then you’ll love this tip.  Which is amongst my favorites.  Hiding pores with makeup.  What you’ll need is a great concealer or foundation.  And a fluffy brush.  Target has some great ones by Sonia Kashuk, which are extremely friendly on the pocket book.  If those are too rich for your blood, then any firmer bristled crease or blending brush will do.

What I want you to do is super simple but LIFE CHANGING!  But before I divulge on of my most prized secrets.  You must solemnly swear to wash your face at the end of the day after doing this… great. Lets move on.

After applying your moisturizers and foundation, place a pea size of whichever coverage type makeup you want to use ( I say this because I hate typing concealer because I always miss spell it, and lookie there.  I typed it again anyway) and place it on the back of your hand.  Dab the brush into the makeup and then dab onto your face in your high problematic areas.  Now, but that stuff in.  I mean it.  In circular motions swirl, buff, whatever you want to call it, that makeup right over the dark spots.  This will help fill them in evenly as to not draw attention over them.

Life changed. You’re welcome.

Moral of the story?  Love is a well concealed pore.||Pin it

How sweet it is..

My dear friend and ever so talented photographer, Amanda  hooked me up with her sweet baby cousin.. or second cousin-inlaw once removed..   What does once removed even mean?  Were they asked to leave and then later invited back?  Because, if we’re allowed to ask family members to leave.  I gotta list you know. Okay not the point.  (But I will be googling this later)  Peyton is lucky enough to be related.. or sorta related to an awesome photographer, so she was able to get some great sweet 16 photos done.

Peyton had never had airbrush make up done before, and so of course we had try that out.  Also because it was like a a million degrees, Texas summers you know.  So airbrush makeup has better staying super powers.   Peyton also has amazing eyes.  We really played those up, and made them pop.   Peyton had so much great hair and she chose great casual loose curls that fit her and the setting so well.||Pin it


I’ve been asked a qarter of a billion times about the difference between CC cream and BB cream.  And if they’re even worth it.  Since I’m not above self promotion, I figured I’d explain it on here, so whenever someone asks me- I can just send them right over!

Now, keep in mind that not all brands are created equal.  They don’t all offer the same benefits.  And like all makeup- one size does not fit all.   Your best bet is to try products at stores with good return policies.  Sephora, MAC, Target, and a couple of drug stores will allow returns on used products.  Unfortunately- you have to be your own guinea pig.

With all that said- We’ll start alphabetically

BB Cream.  (Beauty Balm, and occasionally called Blemish Balm) BB Cream is essentially a tinted moisturizer that’s started a new healthier lifestyle.   It contains SPF, and usually skin beneficial antioxidants.  BB Cream is also adds a little more coverage than a regular tinted moisturizer but not enough for fuller coverage foundation.   Although it does contain a certain amount of SPF, it’s generally not a good idea to skip your facial sun screen if you plan on being in the sun at all.  With sunscreen we usually apply it all over the face, neck, ears, and chest.  Due to the actual pigment in a BB cream you’re less likely to apply it to those same areas, leaving them vulnerable to harmful SPF rays.  Because the BB cream is less opaque, you can usually get away with using it over your sun screen on the days you don’t want to actually wear foundation.   Especially now that Summer is just about here.  Its a great alternative to wearing a full face to the pool/beach/lake.

CC Cream (Color Correcting)

The name says it all.  CC Cream usually has all of the same benefits as a BB cream (although usually offers less coverage/pigment) it does focus more on color correcting issues.  CC cream is great for people with dull, red, or skin with dark spots.   CC Cream also focuses more on long term correction.  So not only are you correcting skin discoloration issues immediately, a good CC cream is packed with vitamins and ingredients that can treat and fade skin issues.

Both the CC and BB cream can be used as a sort of skin primer. (under your foundation).

So if you were to ask me which one you should purchase I would have to say “it depends”.

Which it really does. On a daily basis I would use my CC cream under my foundation to help even out my skin tone, and even on days when I’m just around the house -makeup free. I would definitely use the BB cream on those days where you just don’t want a ton of makeup on but you also don’t want to sporting blotchy skin!

I guess what I’m saying is- arm yourself with both!  Do your research on ingredients.  And find which works best for you!||Pin it

Raven Maven

How do I love Catherine.  Let me count the ways.

It’s not often I meet someone with as dry of a sense of humor as me.  But when I do.  You better believe I hold on to them tight.  Well probably not.  I’m not a touchy person.  But I do like them a whole-whole lot!  And I do.  I really do like me some Catherine.

I loved getting to know Catherine and her family.  They were all so.. sassy.  I love sassy.   SO much so that I got up super early so that I could head out and have Catherine, her mom, and sister ready to go by 9am!  (Crazy as it is, her wedding was on the same day as the wedding I just posted about the other day!)

Catherine has the best dark raven hair.  And just a gorgeous smile.  She chose to do a sleek and classic updo with a smooth bun.  As well as traditional foundation with a gorgeous pink lip.  Check out that dress too.  Love it!

Photos by Everest Road Photography||Pin it
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