Loving what I do

I always consider it a HUGE honor when I’m asked to be involved in special projects.  Especially when it’s for amazing photographers and an amazing designer.

The amazing, amazing ladies at Loft Photography and the insanely talented  designer Ivana with Saint Isbael Bridal and I got together to work on Saint Isabel’s lookbook.  Anytime I work with Loft Photography I know that the pictures will be amazing.  I’ve never met a dress designer in person.  So it was amazing to get to talk with someone and hear the process and the time and energy that goes into each piece.  Each one of her dresses were carefully made, and it shows.

I do have to warn you.  The pictures.. the dresses..  stunning.

Thats all I have to say about that.-  Forrest Gump

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Rory and Bill Bob

When Rory contacted me and said he wanted an over the top GLAMOROUS wedding, and he wanted his groomsmaids to look the part, he was serious! Think- Chandeliers hanging from hundred year old lit up oak trees, feathers and floral center pieces, bouquets, boutonnieres and hair accents. Sexy golden lace groomsmaid dresses and two very handsome grooms.. two fabulously talented and might I add beautiful hair and makeup artists accommodating your every beauty need. Whats not glamorous about all that?!
These guys and their family were a hoot to work with. I loved how laid back everyone was and how everything turned out. The ceremony was at the beautiful Red Corral Ranch. Traveling on-site to weddings and ceremonies, we are pretty use to getting people ready in the most crowded cramped areas, and this location is anything but. They have cute little bungalows for folks to stay and get ready, a pool and plenty of room! The always amazing Petal Pushers were the florist and made these fabulous center peices as well as the bouquets and hair accents. Lets face it, they pretty much decorated the whole place!
Chris Carson was the photographer and did an awesome job capturing all the fun moments of the day. The groomsmaids dresses were amazing and just the whole she-bang really put the G in Glamorous! We really enjoyed working with these guys!

Thanks Rory and Bill Bob- We wish you the happiest of the happiness!

All photos curtousy of Chris Carson Photography
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