Loving what I do

I always consider it a HUGE honor when I’m asked to be involved in special projects.  Especially when it’s for amazing photographers and an amazing designer.

The amazing, amazing ladies at Loft Photography and the insanely talented  designer Ivana with Saint Isbael Bridal and I got together to work on Saint Isabel’s lookbook.  Anytime I work with Loft Photography I know that the pictures will be amazing.  I’ve never met a dress designer in person.  So it was amazing to get to talk with someone and hear the process and the time and energy that goes into each piece.  Each one of her dresses were carefully made, and it shows.

I do have to warn you.  The pictures.. the dresses..  stunning.

Thats all I have to say about that.-  Forrest Gump

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How sweet it is..

My dear friend and ever so talented photographer, Amanda  hooked me up with her sweet baby cousin.. or second cousin-inlaw once removed..   What does once removed even mean?  Were they asked to leave and then later invited back?  Because, if we’re allowed to ask family members to leave.  I gotta list you know. Okay not the point.  (But I will be googling this later)  Peyton is lucky enough to be related.. or sorta related to an awesome photographer, so she was able to get some great sweet 16 photos done.

Peyton had never had airbrush make up done before, and so of course we had try that out.  Also because it was like a a million degrees, Texas summers you know.  So airbrush makeup has better staying super powers.   Peyton also has amazing eyes.  We really played those up, and made them pop.   Peyton had so much great hair and she chose great casual loose curls that fit her and the setting so well.


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Never wanted this day to come.

As you know, I don’t like to get too personal on here.  It’s not the place.  Unless your personal life mixes with your professional.  In this case, it did.

I feel like it’s gotta get a little personal so you know why this person means so much to me.  So grab your Styrofoam cup and burnt coffee and lets have a little personal chat.

My dad got sick when I was in the second grade, leaving my mom to care for two young kids.  Short on English and resources, to say she struggled would be and understatement.  In comes the Joe and Margo.  They started helping my mom the minute they moved in across the street from us.  A young couple with no children of their own.  Often times Margo would tattle notify my mom if she saw my sister or I up to no good.  Which did not make her popular with me at that time.   Fast forward to Margo getting pregnant and having a beautiful baby girl named Ashley, who my mom then started watching on a part-time basis.  Ashley was seriously the perfect kid.  I would often drive her to a field not to far away and feed the horses with her.  Her most favorite past time.  She also liked to say “Momma” especially when I would take her to run errands with me.  I got many-a teen mom speech from random strangers.  Fun times.  Ashley also couldn’t say my name so she started calling me “Andy” which is a nick name thats stuck for  years.  You can always tell who my oldest friends are if you hear them refer to me as “Andi”.

Fast forward many, many, many more years and two more amazing kids later that my mom until a year ago watched regularly as well.   Joe and Margo are still helping my mom in every aspect of her life.  They take off work, volunteer their already sparse spare time to help her.. They’re better kids than my sister and I could ever be.   My sweet, sweet Tashy is now 18 years old.  Things have come full circle.  She babysits my kids now, and hopefully gets teen mom looks as well.

Ashley has grown to be a truly amazing woman.  She’s so smart, and wise beyond her years.  She doesn’t give into peer pressure, doesn’t care to change her beliefs or morals for anyone.  She’s a straight A, honor student whose been accepted into the University of Texas Nursing School.  Which, if you do know her.. is like. Duh.   She’s a FIRM God lover.  A great sister, and an easy daughter.  I’m not sure Ashley has ever been grounded.  I’m not even sure she’s ever cussed.  Then again, I probably do enough for the both of us.   All this stems from two amazing parents.  Who I am sooo deeply blessed to call family.

Ashley Nicole.. Tashy.  I am so truly honored to have been able to watch you grow up.  I am so excited for you, and look forward to watching you do great things.   Because Ashley is SUCH a VIP for me, I wanted to make sure she had awesome Senior Pictures.  I mean, you’re only a Senior once right.  Well, except in college.. and then when you’re 60…  So of course I called up my friend Amanda with Amanda Pomilla Photography and she was so gracious and flexible with my crazy schedule.  We had such an awesome time shooting these.  The day was chilly, and WIIINDY but we powered through and Amanda really did capture Ashley and all of her sweetness.  Her talent for capturing people, as they are- is just nothing short of amazing.  So thank you Amanda for these great pictures!

And in true family nature my amazingly talented sister (Wendee Sawran) seriously whipped up the floral head piece/crown on super short notice.  Because, who isn’t always surrounded my gorgeous flowers that are ready to be turned into beautiful head decor?  Fair warning.. don’t click on the link in her name unless you want to suffer from insanely gorgeous flower overload.  Just sayin’.

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A quicky- but a a goodie!

One of our past brides wedding was published on Elizabeth Anne Designs! 

Casey and her now husband Austin, are two awesomely nice people.  I met Casey when I first did her trial and then her engagement hair/makeup last year.   Fast forward to her wedding day, which turned out beautifully (obviously because it’s published!).  Her bridesmaids dresses were some of the prettiest I’ve seen.  Casey really is gorgeous inside and out.  She’s super sweet, and kind, and a blessing to meet.  And not in the way us Southerners say “bless her heart” blessing.

We enjoyed spending the morning with Casey on her big day, doing hair and makeup for her and her bridesmaids.  All of them gorgeous and from different necks of the woods. That’s how you know you’re loved.  When your lady friends fly in from all over to be a part of such an important event!

**Edit.  So.  I lied.  This isn’t really a quicky.  I hadn’t realized the photographer had posted pictures on their blog yet, so I thought I would post a quick post with a couple of stolen pictures.  Turns out.  I’ve got a TON.   Bad news is, I just kinda accidentally learned how to upload a ton of pictures at once.  You see, in the past.  I had been uploading each picture one by one.  Then this magical thing called the “drop box” appeared and then I could just drag a bunch of picture into it and viola!  However, I had to go back and upload each one to my post.  Which still took FOR-EV-ER!  Then I saw this option of “mass action” or something.  Maybe it said “bulk actions ” either way, I clicked it.  Sooo, now there’s a bunch on here, but they’re all out of order and I don’t know how to make them bigger, or comment on them.  Oye vey.  I really do need someone to do this for me.  But no one has volunteered yet.  So either, A. No one is reading this blog.  or B.  Y’all enjoy seeing me struggle.  It’s probably a little bit of A and B.  sick bastards.   If it’s mostly B., I should warn you.  It’s amusing at first.  Then it just gets irritating.  You’re lucky I don’t blog regularly otherwise you’d totally be tired of it.  As my sister.

Anyway- here are a few pictures I stole off of Casey’s Facebook (the engagements) and from the Elizabeth Anne Designs website as well as Forever Photography Studio’s blog .  That’s a lot of thieving for one post if you ask me.  The things I do for you.

Oh and a BIG shout out to their adorable dog Cowboy!  Soo sweet he got to be in the wedding!  I love dog people!

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One day..

One day I’ll stop all of these ‘I’ll be a better blogger’ claims and actually be one.  But- for now.  You must deal with my sporadic weddings and ramblings.

Such is life.

You know what else is life?  Awesome clients.  And I know I say it a lot.  But I really do have awesome clients.  And even if I didn’t.  I would TOTALLY tell you I did anyway. Because that’s way more P.C.  And my unawesome clients are mentioned on my secret “I -hate- my- clients- blog. ” Just kidding.  Maybe.  Noo, I kid, really.  But I can’t say that I’m not inspired….

Well.  Now I have you paranoid, don’t I.  Maybe that’s a good thing.  Maybe now you’ll be super nice to me and let me do any hairstyle I want.  Even if you hate it.  Out of fear that I’m going to write about you on the crazies other blog.  I’ve been inspired again.  This post  has been very inspiring.  I inspire myself really.   Let just soak all that in for a minute.

Well, now that we’ve soaked up my inspirational.. mojo?  We can continue on with the real reason I’m here.  It’s a MEGA BLOG!!  On WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY!!!!!!<insert booming car salesmens voice>   (try typing Wednesday three times and see if you can spell it without mistakes.  Even if you say WED-NES-DAY in your head)

My first little lady is Julie.  She hails (is that even spelled right?) from the lovely state of Colorado, where she’s finishing up vet school!  Swoon.  A girl who loves animals.  And lives in the state I love.  And who is flippin’ awesome.  Julie opted for a trial prior to her engagement session which went awesome, and I fell in love with her.  In the creepy way.  Julie, if you’re reading this.  I am in love with you.  Now, hook me up with some Frontline and Heartguard.  6 furry animals aint cheap!

So. Pretty.  And I’m not saying that because I’m in love with her and bias.  She really is pretty.  Julie chose to do loose waves, and natural airbrush makeup.  There was a ton of moisture in the air but the girls hair held up and looks beautiful.


Our next lovely and amazing lady is Candice.  I had never met Candice until her actual wedding day.  Which is not uncommon.  Candice and her bridesmaids were really, really, awesome.  My lovely assistant and I had such a great time while we were there.  Candice has short fine hair and wanted and updo but was concerned about the turn-out because it was so short.  Luckily for her.   I’m a great faker.  I can fake thick hair like nobodies business.  I realize I sound a little full of myself but it really is something I’ve taken the time to really work on and attempt to master.

Candice and her bridesmaids chose different hair and makeup styles but they all chose airbrush makeup with dramatic eyes.  Can’t go wrong with that combo.

(I swiped the following pictures from her photographers FB page.  I wasn’t able to contact her for more pictures.. so Jessica Laura Photography, if you have more- please share!!

Last but not in the slightest bit least.  Lindsay.  Lovely, lovely, Lindsay.  And her momma.  And her bridesmaids. AANND her Jr. Bridesmaids.  Lindsay got married at the gorgeous Hyatt at Lost Pines Resort on a rainy but BEAUTIFUL day!  I think she had a million girls in her bridal party.  All of them were lovely and a dream to work with.  Great hair, great skin..  Lindsay and her mom though.  We bonded.  When I first met them both it was for her bridal portraits/trial.  I was a little nervous at first because Lindsay has had her makeup done professionally quite often, so for me – its difficult to be compared to other artists.  But things went off without a hitch and I ended up looking forward to her wedding day.  Fast forward to the day before where I got to get Lindsay and her mother ready for the rehearsal dinner/party.  I could not have had more fun.  They are both so witty and sarcastic.  The perfect blend of everything I love most!  I even got to meet the groom which is a rare treat and he was soo laid back and cool.  I really liked him.  Lindsay.. I approve.   So I realize there are at on of pictures; but her uber talented photographer Andy with Studio 563 TOTALLY hooked me up!  Like he proactively sent them to me.  (minus a few I stole off his blog)

I don't know who the dude is but one must take any hair shot that they can get!
The three girls to the left were the super sweet Jr. Bridesmaids.
Momma of the bride with her super HAWT dress!!
Just gorgeous, inside and out.

Nope, your eyes did not studder. That is a Ferrari


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