Would ya lookie there…

Another post?  In the same month?  Insane isn’t it?  Well I put out a subtle bat-call the other day asking my past brides to send me some pictures of their wedding day.  Well.  That didn’t work.  (I’m totally giving you the side eye right now) So I did what any reasonably desperate girl would do.  I begged.  Kinda. I’m not much of a beggar.  And I don’t like asking for things.  Which may be why I only have 51 “likes” on Facebook.  Which is fine.  I’m sure you guys are just trying to keep me humble.  And don’t want me getting all popular and selling out to the “Man”.  I totally get it.  And I appreciate you having my back on this one.

But that’s not why I’m here.  I’m here because one of the brides that I begged.  Okay so the only bride I asked (hey, I’m lazy.  Don’t act like you didn’t know this) responded within minutes with her fabulous pictures.  And you know why?  Because she’s freakin’ fabulous.   I really do dig this chick.  She’s funny, sarcastic, sweet, and gorgeous.   Killer combo if you ask me.  Her bridesmaids were all really awesome as well.  Deadly combo!

Jessica got married at Texas Old Town.  Which is a really cute place out in Kyle.  Her wedding day happened to be on the very same day that we actually got rain.  After a seriously hazardous drought.  It rains on lovely Jessica’s wedding day.  And, she didn’t care.  Which is why I think the Big Guy upstairs smiled on her and stopped the rain during her outdoor ceremony.  And you know what they say- “A wet knot is hard to untie”.

For the love of all things blingy!  There is nothing about her look that I don’t just love!

Jessica- you were amazing.  You were gorgeous before I even got a hold of you, and I’m greatful I was able to be a part of your big day.  May your knot forever be wet!

Photos Courtesy of: AJH Photography

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What I love

I’ve been meaning to post about products that I love.  Beauty related. (This is not the place to start talking about my love for our hot pool boy.  And considering I don’t have a pool- well… this could become a very strange discussion)  We all know how great of a blogger I am.  I tend to forget, get too busy or just lazy.  Poor back burner blog!   So anyway- I get asked a lot what my favorite things are beauty wise.   No better way than to just jump in with my top 5!

<Drum roll>  Did you just do a drum roll in your head?  I did too.

#5  Redken Hair #12 Styleworks Hairspray

If folks were still using the phrase “da bomb” then this stuff would totally be.. “Da Bomb”.  Wow.  I feel like a dork just typing that.  You may have lost a little cool just by reading it.  Oh well.  At least your hair will be the bomb diggity.  Feel free to push that little X on the top right hand of your window, now.

Fashion Work #12 is awesome because it helps set your style without giving it that crunchy wet moussed look.   You will ALWAYS find this stuff in my bag.  If I were on a deserted island with a bunch of …brides.  I would bring this.  I think it would probably make for some good order control too if those brides started getting all unruly and stuff.  I truly love Redken products.  I’ve tried MANY MANY other products and none measure up to the Redken hairsprays I’ve been using.  They smell great, have humidity protection, and they hold the hair without the super producty feeling.  This spray is not meant to “seal” a style.  It’s a light movable hold.  Did I mention that it smells fantastic?  It really does.  If it didn’t leave me all sticky I’d might use it as some emergency body spray.

#4 Fluidline my MAC

My do I love this stuff!   People often ask me what they should use for liner, that doesn’t run or smudge off.  Well, here’s your answer.  MAC’s fluidline is not only smudge proof its also water proof.  THE best I tell you.  I usually dab the excess onto the back of my hand when using it on a client.  And if I don’t clean it off right away I have to seriously scrub to get it off later.  Fluidline comes in various colors and will need to be applied with a liner brush.  I typically use a semi stiff angle brush or MAC’s 210 Precise eye liner brush.  It’s a happy medium between an eye liner and liquid liner.  You definitely have more control.

#3  MAC’s Creamblend Blush

I love, love, love this blush.  It’s creamy, which is weird at first, I know.  But trust me.  This product is amazing.  I love it because you can build up your color, so you can go from a hint of pink, to dramatic I could be in theater pink.  It also looks super natural.  Not like, alien or ghost super natrual.  But this puppy does natural..super.   I feel like a lot of the pressed powder blushes can sit right on top of your skin and look dry, and unnatural.  You rub this into your skin, and it’s creamy so it gives a very natural look.  I realize I keep saying, natural.  But I’m a natural kind of gal.  I can’t help it.  And I’m a little rusty with the blogging that I can’t describe things as well as I’d like.  You’ll just have to trust me on this one.   With this product you can apply with a blush brush- may I suggest a super soft flat head brush.  You can also use your fingers.  I know!  I gave you permission to touch your face.  Just be sure to use your ring finger to apply.  It’s one of the weakest fingers so you wont be pulling at your precious elasticy face as much.  You’ll thank me when your 60.  I swear.

#2 MAC’s Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundatioin

You’re probably thinking by now, I wonder if Angela works for MAC.  Well the answer is No.  I just happen to really, really love their products.  Most of them.  I haven’t found a waterproof mascara that I love yet.   See.  I don’t love ALL of their products.  But the Studio Fix compact is the best of the best.  This is what I use almost every day.  I have super oily skin and giant pores and I get pimples every now and then.  I always carry this with me.  I actually have one in my car, one in my purse, and one in my husbands truck.  Only because I often forget to put makeup on and I hate not having any options if we decide to stop by somewhere, where I might run into someone I know.  So back to the fantastic product.  This foundation/powder feels like powder but has great medium to almost full coverage.  It says it can provide full coverage but I’ve never tried it.  I think it would end up looking a little too powdery for that.  With my oily skin it stays on for quite some time.   I would be a hypocrite if I told you to avoid the sponge thingy that it comes with.  It’s bacteria ridden and gross.  And to use a powder brush and wash regularly.  But, if you saw into my compact you would see that my sponge thing has been used within every inch of its life.  I use to use Bare Minerals, which I also love, but this is just a bit easier and less messy.  Same price.

#5. Dinair Airbrush Makeup

Okay, so I do technically sell Dinair.  But if you knew me, you’d know I am NOT a good sales person.  I am a approved distributor of the line, but I don’t really ever sell it.  I just get to buy it in bulk which helps because I go through the stuff like running water.  And not because you have to use a ton, you don’t.  I just use a lot for work and for myself.  The benefits to airbrush are that it is water resistant, silicone free, paraben free, and not tested on animals.  Um holla!  Those sweet wittle bunnies are spared getting toxic painful poisons sprayed into their eyes.  Ugh, thats another story.. another day!  The foundation is also super light weight.  Which ends up being kind of an issue for clients who use heavy foundation.  It tends to make them feel more exposed I guess.  But I promise you, the amazing coverage is there!  Dinair is also contact resistant.  So you don’t have to worry about schmootzing your friends clothes if your a hugger.  You know what I love best about this foundation?  Its SOOOO great for oily skin.  I have super oily skin and I have overactive sweat glands on my forehead so I tend to sweat off my makeup fast.  You will almost always find me sporting airbrush makeup during the summer.  It’s also great for cover up discoloration as well as tattoos.  So go get that giant Grateful Dead dancing bears tattoo on your shoulder, the one you’ve been dying to get but don’t want it to show in your wedding pictures.  I’ll cover those bad boys right up!  If you decide you do want to try it out, let me know and I can give you more info.

Well that’s it.  That’s 5 of my favorite things.  In doing this post I realized I have a billion other favorite things, so stay tuned for those.  And I’ll be sure to try to get on posting more.  Got anything you want us to try out and want an honest opinion on it?  Shoot us a comment or email and we’ll go pick it up and try it out!

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Warm and Fuzzies

Seriously guys, Thank you!  Thank you for being so freakin awesome.  I don’t talk about my personal life, or my beliefs on here because well, its personal.  But I’m just going to have to say that we are feeling OVERWHELMINGLY BLESSED!  We usually have some pretty awesome brides.  Sometimes things aren’t always as wonderful as we’d like, but for the most part- the good outweighs the bad.  But seriously.  We’ve had like back to back, to back amazing fun brides, and have been feeling rejuvenated!  We feel blessed to have a continued relationship with our past brides who are having babies left and right, who are still enjoying kid free married life, and who are in the wedding process.

I think we’re all just basking in this awesome brides euphoria.  Bask with me for a second.. Just….. Let it happen.  But not too long, this post is probably teetering on the creepy side so we don’t want that.

But on the real- Thank you guys.  Thank you for making our job so much fun.  Thank you for enjoying your day, and your time with us.  And thank you for just being so damn awesome.  (That’s right, I said “damn”, its my blog I can DAMN if I want!)  After you type “damn” a few times, you start to question the spelling, and if it should be “damn” or “damned”.  Damnit.. here I go again.

Wondering how you can be awesome?  It’s a legit question.  Not everyone has the Jedi awesomeness.  You’ve already started in the right place by reading this blog.  Good for you.  However, you still have much to learn grasshopper.   Let me give you some tips on making your day awesome.

Tip#1:  Surround yourself with positive, supportive, and awesome people.   Now is the time to boot negative Nancy from your wedding.  Do it, you’ll thank me later.

Tip #2:  HAVE FUN!  I know wedding days are stressful.  And people are calling you every 10 seconds to ask you if you want your napkins facing east or west.  But this is the time to delegate phone duties to a bridesmaid, or just turn the thing off.  Jam out to some fun music – Might I suggest anything Cyndi Lauper or New Kids on the Block.  Take some deep breaths, and try to enjoy the day.

Tip#3:  If you are a bridesmaid.  BE SUPPORTIVE.  If I had a dollar for every time I heard a BM complain endlessly about something unimportant to the bride, or if I had a dollar for every time I thought “Man I wish they would quit focusing on how they look (Not that how they look isn’t important, you don’t want anyone jacking up your pictures 😉  ) and spend some of that energy on making the bride feel gorgeous, and special, and loved!  Seriously.  I would be a billionaire.   I don’t want this post to turn into a complaint session.  I just wanted to put that out there.  Weddings are crazy stressful for brides, they’ve asked you to be part of their HUGE day.  It’s about the bride!  Unless she’s bridezilla, in which case, hit her over the head, (Preferably before I do her hair)  with a tube sock filled with miscellaneous and tell her “homie don’t play that”  My younger brides will have NO idea what that means.  Google it.

Tip#4:  Allow enough time to get ready, get dressed, and to have enough time to just take it all in.  Its more stressful if you try to get ready right when you walk down the isle.  You’re rushed, frazzled, and don’t even have time to get one last look around.

Tip#5: Hire awesome vendors!  The more your vendors stress you out, the less enjoyable your day will be.   As someone who overhears a lot of conversations, and phone calls -I can tell you there is nothing that makes a bride grumpier, or more nervous than having issues with a vendor the day of the wedding.   Check out my vendor referral list, every person on there is amazing.  Perfect for trying to score an amazing day!

So in closing.  Try to have fun on your big day. Its not meant to  be a day you spend a small fortune on and can’t even enjoy.

I leave you with some pictures that give me the warm and fuzzies.

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Styled my Pretties!

A couple of my brides have hit the “pages” of the lovely and amazing Style Me Pretty.  One could only assume that by hiring (ahem) yours truly, ones taste was already impeccable.. but the perfect, decor, the perfect photographer, and the perfect couple typically= Style Me Pretty!

The lovely Faith- beautiful bride, beautiful family, and beautiful wedding. 

Kimberly- Lovely Bride, Lovely family, and Lovely wedding! 


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