Doing films..

One day, and probably one day soon,  I’m going to look like an old geezer using the word “films”.  Because all of you youngin’s out there are going to be like.. What’s a film?   And I’m going to be all- “its this round thing with negatives on a reel and you pop it on a projector contraption and it plays moving pictures”  And you’re going to be all.. “what’s a reel?”  And then I’ll be all- head-t0-desk.  repeatedly.  Mine.  Not yours.

So what this post is really about is me sharing a couple of short videos of past clients nuptials.  The first one is of a past bride named Lindsey.  I went to her parents ranch in Florence and did hair and makeup for just her.   The ranch was GORGEOUS and surrounded by giant trees and horses, and rolling open fields.  Just.  Amazing.  Amazing like Lindsay.  She was such a doll.  I met her a couple of days prior to the wedding for her trial and her and her friend Mia were hilarious, and just a lot of fun.  Which.  Makes my job even more fantabulous. Lindsay went with a  Old Hollywood dramatic eye.  LOVE it!

Here’s her video courtesy of Waterloo Films.  Who, BTW are sooo nice.  And soo talented.  Whenever I see them I get all excited because I know my clients going to have some awesome footage of the big day.  Not to mention- these folks are stealthy.  You never notice they’re around.  Until its too late.  You’ve got filmed evidence that you’re a nose picker.  Luckily, they edit that out.  So should you.  Nasty habit.

Warning.. both will make you feel things.. emotional things.  Which may cause leakage of the eyes.

Now here’s a past clients video that I have blogged about.  Lovely, Lovely, Lovely Alyssa.


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