We are currently updating our Frequently Asked Question section…

Do you offer airbrush makeup?
Yes we do!  We offer different types of airbrush makeup from light to full coverage, tattoo cover up, as well as airbrush tanning!
What kind of makeup do you use and why?
99% of the time we use MAC but occasionally we’ll use various other brands.We LOVE MAC because they have great products that are gentle on your skin and truly help accentuate your natural beauty.  And of course because they are Cruelty Free!We also use Dinair airbrush makeup with our airbrush line.

Why use LucieMarie instead of a salon?
Well that’s a good question, let see…We are always open, so you don’t have to go in 6 hours before your wedding to get your hair done.  We come to you, so your able to lounge around your house, hotel, or ceremony site up until its time for you to go.  We’re typically cheaper than most salons, and we’re overall just fun to be around!
What should I expect with a hair trial?
For a hair trial we’ll spend some time playing with your hair and go through ideas that you might have for your desired hairstyle.   As for a makeup trial we’ll be testing foundation colors and eyeshadow colors to see which suits your needs better.  You probably wont walk away with wedding or portrait ready hair because I won’t be using as much products- unless otherwise requested.
How far will you travel?
How do I secure my date?
In order to secure your date, you must have turned in a signed contract with a $100.00 deposit.  A lot of times we get people requesting a date, and we send over a contract and don’t hear back from them for a while, and sometimes not at all.  Due to these circumstances, your date is not secured until the contract and/or deposit is on hand.  We don’t like to do pressure sales but please do try to keep this in mind when securing your date.
Should I have dirty or clean hair?  Wet or dry?
A couple of the stylists that work for LucieMarie do prefer mildly dirty hair.  As long as you don’t have super oily hair, unwashed or “dirty” hair is perfectly fine.  Other stylists as well as myself prefer clean hair.  But dry hair is a MUST.  Even if you blow dry your hair before we get there- it wont be completely dry which will likely cause curled hair to fall, and hair to frizz in the Texas humidity.  So unless your just getting a “blow out” style- hair must be absolutely, positively dry!
What is the difference between “standard” foundation and airbrush?
First of all, let me start out by saying that you can’t go wrong with either of the choices really.  The main thing to know is that the airbrush has better coverage with less product and better longevity.I use a (standard) foundation that is sweat and tear resistant, however it can be wiped off.  Sweat and tear resistant just means it shouldn’t streak if you cry or sweat.You can light to full coverage with either one.

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