Glory Laurie

Okay, so I couldn’t think of a title for this one. I can’t always be clever.

Laurie is an out of state bride so I was thrilled when she chose to work with us for her wedding. She was also getting married in Fredericksburg, which is a place I’ve heard many good things about, but have never actually been to. When I first met Laurie she was warning me that she was super particular about her makeup. I don’t know about other makeup artists.. but it definitely scared me! Not that I doubted my work- but lets be honest here. Sometimes you meet people who are super particular and are… challenging. So after the hair trial, Laurie kept warning me about her particular-ness. (I know its not exactly a real word but it stays!) So as I was doing her airbrush makeup she did have feedback, but she was not remotely difficult. I had anxiety the whole time waiting for this difficult bridezilla to come out, and she never did. Laurie was actually pretty awesome.
So then I thought.. Okay she’ll be more “particular” on her wedding day. And once again.. My friend Laurie disappointed me. She was super chill and great the whole time. Bummer. 😉
We ended up doing hair and makeup for her and her bridal party as well as on her awesome and equally as gorgeous momma. Loved her! And how amazing are these photos? I stole them from the lovely ladies with Anne Marie Photography. They are Ah-Mazing! For her wedding, Laurie chose a romantic textured low “bun” and airbrush makeup.

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  1. She is stunning and you do gorgeous work Angela.

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