Going to the Chapel and she’s…..

Katie’s getting MARRIED!  I say that like we’re all BFF and super excited about Katie FINALLY being proposed to and setting a date.  When in all actuality y’all may not know Katie, and who knows how long she’s been engaged to Joe.  I mean, they could have just met a few months ago.  But the important thing is, they’re getting married and she picked ME!  (That is, to do her hair and makeup.  Not because I proposed too, there’s currently no dual over Katie between Joe and I.. we’re all good…. I think)

Katie drove down (or up?) from Houston.  No, I just googled it.  Houston is down.  So Katie drove up and kinda to the left from Houston to Austin to have me do her hair and makeup for her engagement session with Ann Marie Photography.  Don’t you just love them?  It’s like hearing Louis Vuitton.  The name just makes you happy.

So I got to meet Katie, Joe, and wave to their cute pooch from my window.

They’re a serious, bunch.  Which was interesting.  We definitely had some very intellectual conversations. 


Annnd you know I’m about as full of schvootzva as the word I just made up, right?


I just like to weed out the first time readers.  Don’t be embarrassed.  You have to start somewhere right?  Hazing is illegal so I had to initiate you somehow.  And for my loyal readers (Hi Mom, and Shana!  I think that about covers it)  I hope that all of you realized right away that my meeting Katie and Joe, and said window pooch was anything but serious.  I don’t know about them.  But I had an awesome time.  And that’s all that really matters right?  Okay, maybe not.  Because then that would make it okay for those ladies who wear pajama bottoms and ill fitting spaghetti strapped tops with stains on them and their Sponge Bob slippers to wear their outfits into Walmart which is really a visual assault, but okay because they think it’s great even when EVERYONE else doesn’t.  So here’s hoping they had a good time too.

I love my job.   If it had cheeks I would totally be squeezing them right now and talking through a kissy face telling it that “I just wub my jobby wobby!  Whose the best job?!  Whose the best job?!”  <deep gasp> “You are!  That wight, you are!”  And its AMAZING people like these folks that make it awesome.  I mean, LOOK at these pictures?  How can you not feel joy, and as cheesy as it sounds- you can FEEL THE LOVE!   Seriously.  I want to sit in on their ceremony because I know its going to be just as beautiful as a Hollywood romance movie, but only- REAL!  Um, seriously though.. Katie?   Can I come?  If I were capable of human emotion, I could possibly get weepy looking at these.

Please note the cute pooch

This one just makes me angry.. look how happy they look.

Love the way he’s looking at her on this one.  Dear Joe- Please teach my husband how to look at me.  Thank you.

Okay.  SO.  Are you believers?  If anything, I think this is pretty good relationship therapy.  I was kinda mad at my husband about something, and now I just want to go hug him.  But then he’d probably get suspicious and say something stupid, and I’d get angry all over again.  And then have to come back here and look at these.  Vicious cycle.

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