Have a little Faith..

I. LOVE. Faith.  There I said it.  A little awkward, I know.  But let me tell you.  If you met Faith, you’d love her too.  And possibly in that creepy way.  It’s getting weird now isn’t it?  Lets move on.

I met Faith when I got her ready at her photographers house in Georgetown.  Its not often that I get people ready at their photographers houses, but it worked.  She had a a really nice set up.  And I definitely don’t judge.  I do trials in my kitchen and pray that a client doesn’t walk away with old macaroni stuck to their behinds.

The very second I met Faith I knew my job was going to be easy.  This chick is gorgeous.  Like, stunning gorgeous.  And I think I could have painted her makeup on with my bare feet blind folded (I just grossed myself out) and she still would look great.  But get this y’all.  Not only is she pretty.  She’s got an awesome personality.

On Faith’s wedding day we arrived to laughter and ended with New Kids on the Block and even more laughter.  Definitely one of my funnest weddings.  My assistant and I STILL talk about it.  Faith has freckles that she didn’t want to cover up and so we were still able to use airbrush makeup and maintain her fabulous freckles.  I loved the bohemian vibe she pulls off and her braided “organic” style really works for her.  Faiths bridesmaids were awesome and gorgeous and wore killer green dresses.  We got to do fun stuff with their hair.    I am super excited to have been able to snag some pictures off their blogs.   And forgive the fact that there are a gillion.  I couldn’t pick.



Faiths momma had shorter hair but we were still able to up it up into an updo.  Her mom was equally as pretty and soo nice as well. 

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