I realize that I normally do individual posts but I am having computer issues so I wanted to get these up here. And I’m limited on time so I knew if I tried to do them all separately it wouldn’t happen. But it doesn’t mean I don’t love you ladies separately. I love each and every one of you equally. Promise!

Every now and then you have one of those weddings that make you want to quit the industry. You can’t wait to be done, and just be home. Well.. this wasn’t one of them! Cassie was a hoot. Except I may start charging extra for people who have an unnecessarily large amount of hair. This girls has A LOT of hair. Like. I think if she just got a trim, she could wig a country of bald people for a week. I don’t know why this country is bald, or why they need wigs for just a week. But just go with me here. Anyway. I ended doing hair and makeup for Cassie and her wedding party as well as her oh so awesome mother in law. Guys, her mother in law rocks. I wanted to adopt her. I love, love, love my MIL but should I ever get the opportunity to have an extra.. She’d be my extra!

I first met Cassie when she was doing her bridal portraits at the always gorgeous, and always amazing Vista West Ranch. Shannon Cunningham the photographer who oozes talent was there snapping away while we all laughed and had an awesome time.

We met up again on her actual wedding day where I got to meet her amazing and gorgeous bridesmaids all who got and appreciated my sarcastic sense of humor. All whom I love and adore! Cassie wanted an updo to help stay cool in the “warm” Texas weather, also because of her plethora of hair. We ended up curling the whole thing and putting it up in a romantic but “messy/textured” updo. We went with a “sexy natural” makeup look as well.

Thanks Cassie and family! Love you guys!

I met Lyndsey and her mom first for her bridal portraits. They were both really awesome to get to know. Lyndsey’s mom and I talked about raising children, and she gave me helpful tips and told me a little about knitting even! Lyndsey is gorgeous guys. I remember seeing her and thinking, wow she’s really pretty. Random I know. If you haven’t gathered that I am “random” by now, you have some catching up to do! Lyndsey and I talked about how relaxed she wanted her wedding to be. See Lyndsey was super laid back and just really easy to be around. She was definitely a breath of fresh air! I remember her bridal portraits taking a little bit longer than I normally like to take because it was just so calm. I didn’t have that sense of rush. Now don’t go thinking she didn’t make her pictures on time. She did. I personally like to be done sooner than planned that way there is relax time.
On her wedding day she opted for a smooth updo with a low full “bun”. I really have to come up with another word for “bun” because for me personally, I immediately think of a ballerina with tight hair and a perfectly round bun. Which is lovely but not for everyone.

Lyndsey also made her own little hair bobby pins to wear on the big day.

I remember her hair curling very shiny too. She’s one of those people blessed with really pretty hair, that curls perfectly! Its not fair. You know what else is awesome? She sent me her pictures without me even having to email and ask her. I love her already. I mean, I loved her then- but now I really love her. Border-lining creepy love her. Borderline….


Sweet Hayley! I initially met Hayley at her bridal portraits as well. It was in the early AM and the weather was drizzly. Hayley has two sweet doglets who I loved. Hayley wanted a very elegant updo with a classic bun. She also had a tiara/headband that she wanted to incorporate into the hairstyle. I remember Hayley and her mom asking a lot of questions (not remotely in the bad way) and just soaking in the information. It was really great being with them. I love sharing my product knowledge. And despite the not so great weather Hayley was still in good spirits and just super positive. Love her.

On Hayley’s wedding day we arrived to a room full of lively bridesmaids. They were good conversationalist! I believe there was even a doctor in the mix. But I didn’t score any free RX’s out of it. Such a bummer. I kid!
Hayley had a flower girl who was set on a certain hair piece that wasn’t really jiving with the “look” of the wedding. I believe the FG’s grandmother ended up buying this super gorgeous headband (Which I wanted!) that happen to be worn by THE Taylor Swift <--wink wink! So of course she wanted to wear that one instead of the not so great one!

You know what else I rememeber? Hating Hayley. The girl doesn’t have a single pore. Her skin is this gorgeous milky color, without a single blemish. The girl doesn’t have a single pore! At least it made my job just a bit easier!
Sigh. So here are her poreless pictures.

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  1. OMG – wig an entire country of bald people for a week? Dying!!! You are seriously such a delight to be around. Puffy hearts to youuuuu!!!!

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