I earned this

If you’re no stranger to my blog you know how much I love Magan with Urban Grey and how much I love Sherry with Sherry Hammonds Photography.  

Well what do you get when you put a gorgeously pregnant Magan and a super talented photographer and a couple of lipstick/hairdo changes, together?  A day filled with laughter, great pictures, and cold feet.

The ladies and I met up at my house where my 4 year old proceeded to entertain Magan while I got her hair and makeup ready.  Magan had never had airbrush makeup before, which is odd considering who she’s friends with.. so after some curling and weave clipping ( and I am fully aware that her extensions are not truly considered a “weave” but you’ve got to admit that it’s more fun to call it a wave) and then a light airbrush application, we were on our way.  We shot at the gorgeous Bull Creek here in Austin.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous.  I think it was in the low 70’s.  And despite some dog and random bright color shirt wearing dude photo bombs, it was a really successful session.  A session that I think was so personal for the three of us, and meant more than can be described.

Don’t think I forgot about those gorgeous hair halos.  Those were done up by the mega talented Wendee at Unexpected Elements.

*Side note: People often mistaken us for sisters, twins even.  Me: being the prettier one, obviously.  But clearly we’re not related… clearly.


I’m pretty sure she’s laughing at something witty and clever that I just said.
Magan and her sweet husband Dustyn. Can those two pick some cute outfits or what?

The water was freezing, the dress was new, but it was all worth it for the shots in the water.  Magan was fully prepared to completely get in, luckily it wasn’t necessary.  Her baby thanks her. 

Stay tuned for hospital photos.  I’ve totally volunteered to come do Magan’s hair and makeup when she goes in to labor.  I’m going to take her nervous laugh as a firm “yes” to that.  I’ll keep my pager next to me.  (I just realized that most of my clients/brides are like 10 and have no idea what a pager is.. I’ve googled it for you.  You’re welcome)

3 thoughts on “I earned this

  1. Your blog posts are always so entertaining.

    1. Thanks ma’am! They are few and far between though. I’m working on getting better.

  2. She looks absolutely gorgeous and I love her eyeshadow 🙂

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