Its 4am.. what are you doing?

Well I was on the road, heading over to get started on the lovely Anita’s wedding. Anita was having a traditional Indian wedding and needed to start getting ready by 5 am! It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Anita is lovely so it definitely helped!

Anita had originally contacted me when the wonderful folks at EverAfterImages recommended me to her. I love those guys. (And if you’re looking for a super friendly and fabulous photographer- contact Debra and Raymond and they’d love to help you out!)

When I first met Anita at her parents home in Round Rock for the hair and makeup trial, I was overwhelmed by their hospitality.
Anita and her mother were both very accommodating and insisted we try the Chi (sp?) Tea that her mother makes, and you’d better believe her mom came back with a lovely silver tray of tea and cookies. SOO good!

So after doing the trial and discussing Anita’s desires, I was already prepared for her big day.

We started at the Austin Hindu Temple, which is gorgeous, and I even got to see a horse! I have to say, Indian weddings are BEAUTIFUL! There are so many colors and traditions. But they are long! I believe Anita said her ceremony was 4 hours, and then they were having a reception later that evening. Poor thing must have been exhausted, although she didn’t look it!

Later that evening we met up with Anita and her mother at her hotel in Downtown Austin and started doing both their hair and makeup for the reception. Anita changed into a gorgeous purple outfit, and looked amazing!

Here are a few pictures, more coming soon!

Congratulations Anita and Sujit- I hope Boston is treating y’all well!
And thank you for such an amazing experience!

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