I’m certain you remember me posting about another Merchant girl Sophia.  She’s probably one of the sweetest humans ever. EVER.  And so strong.  Love, love, love her!  If her momma would let me.  I’d keep her locked in my house forever.  In the non-creepy sort of way.

Well meet her sister.  This is my sassy pants Jules.  I love this girl.  #forreal

Jules is… Jules.  You can’t put her in a box.  If you’ve ever met my daughter Laney you know I love unboxable people.  These Merchant girls are SO different but so similar in their fierce hearts.  I cannot even put into words how proud of them I am.  They are truly amazing people.  Unstoppable.  You hear that Julsies?  You ARE UNSTOPPABLE.  NEVER SETTLE because you deserve the world my friend.  And you will have have it!  Ugh sometimes I want to shake her because I NEED her to see how incredible she is.  But it’s lost on the youth.  I need to go drink my prune juice and read an AARP magazine.

You know who else I love?  Amanda.  With Amanda Pomilla Photography.  I kinda hate how tiny and gorgeous she is.  And then she’s talented.  Soo talented. Ugh.  Maybe I don’t love her.  Actually I don’t.  Don’t hire her if you want stunning pictures.  Because that hussy will give you just that.  Boo.


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