Katie + Heather

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.   Wedding season = slacker blogger.  But it would only seem fitting that I catch y’all up with this gorgeous, sweet, and genuinely awesome couple.

Katie contacted us quite a while ago and booked well in advance.  We chatted via email and  a few times on the phone, each time- was like brainstorming with a friend.

When Katie and Heather finally made it to Austin (They’re currently New Yorkers) it was just really…comfortable with them both.  I got to meet their nieces and Katies sister and brother in-law.  We chatted.  Played with some hairstyles and makeup.  You know, your average gal pal time.

K&H went with The Nichols for their photographers, and you guys know how seriously  badass they are.  So Hello.. Perfect couple, perfect photographers.. Perfect WEDDING!

I also got the pleasure of working with Sunni from Gypsy Floral  for the first time, and she was awesome as well.  It’s times like these that make my job feel less like a job, and more like hanging out with your friends while your kids are at a sitter.

For Katie- with her finer shoulder length hair Katie decided to go with a vintage messy updo.  Which went perfectly with her gorgeous two piece dress and vintage cameo.  We also did very natural airbrush makeup with a little more dramatic top liner.

Heather opted for a very light application of Airbrush makeup and a little bronzer.

Love Hotel San Jose

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