Laid Back

Mari is quite possibly one of the most laid back brides I’ve ever worked with.  She says it’s not normally how she functions but she’s been pretty chill with the process.  It’s interesting to learn how sometimes wedding planning can bring out the worst in some people, but the best in others.

I first met Mari at her hair and makeup trial and we  chatted non-stop.  She wanted a loose side swept style, and really liked what we ended up with.  But, just because someone likes something doesn’t mean it’s “the one”!  Much like dress shopping sometimes you have to try on a bunch of different styles to figure out which one you like the best.  Mari came back a couple months later and we tried out a different style.  A simple, classic, and elegant half up style.   After it was done I could see her body language change, and see that this was “The One”.   After doing this for so many years I’d like to think that I’m pretty in tune when a client doesn’t real like something, and when they really really do.  Luckily we found something that she was ultimately really happy about.

And on that happy note, I was super happy to be able to work with Mari, her awesome bridesmaids, moms, and even her aunt!

Photos Curteousy of Kristi Wright Photography

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