Little Miss Mrs. Kimmy!

(okay- maybe it’s just me, and my lack of web doodling knowledge- but I didn’t realize that if you click on the pictures you can pull up a larger and better picture!)

Today has been one busy busy day. I got to go on location and do an old friends hair and makeup for her wedding. It’s a rare treat to be able to do hair and makeup for a bride and then get to stick around to see how they look afterwards. I don’t have pictures yet of the actual wedding and wedding party but I do have her engagement photo’s that I did last month. (Hey- I’m not slacking I just got them!)
Kim (Kimmy) is such a sweetheart. We use to be BFF in the first grade but somehow drifted apart. Now she’s BFF’s with one of my good friends Jacquetta- Say it with me Jah-Queh-Tah. Very good!
Anyway- Teanna and I had the privilege to do Kim and her bridesmaids hair and makeup as well as Kims mother and “Me-Mah”. We had a great time chatting and just enhancing everyones beauty. I don’t know how we’ve gotten so lucky that we have yet to run into any Bridezillas. I know I just jinxed it, and even if I did have a bridezilla I certainly wouldn’t write about it. Not on this blog anyway.. I kid. I really haven’t had any bad brides. So, so far I’ve loved every single one of them!

Okay back to Kim. I was invited to her actual wedding which was wonderful. We unfortunately didn’t get to go to the ceremony because on the way there, I was rear-ended! The crazy person decided he didn’t want to stop and wait at a red light. He was busy talking on his phone. We’re all okay just a bit sore.
So anyway, we missed the ceremony. And I know its tacky to skip the ceremony and go straight to the reception, but we didn’t want to just not come. It was nice being able to do a couple of touch ups for Kim during the reception. Kim is naturally gorgeous so lucky for me, anything I could have done would have turned out great. So here she is thinking I’m some sort of magic worker when in truth- there wasn’t much to do! Kim has wonderfully natural curly hair so it was fun to work with her natural curls.
Kim’s dress was absolutely gorgeous and I was in LOVE with her cute red heels. Her bridesmaid dresses were beautiful and classy and so were the ladies in them.
I think the sweetest part was the father daughter dance that had a song that had all of us in tears. I have no idea who the singer was- some Canadian singer with a song about telling her daddy to let go- sooo sweet.

Kim, if your reading this- Thank you for letting LucieMarie be a part of your big day and we just know that you guys are going to live a long happy life together!

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