Married Mary..

This is a wedding that took place a little over a year ago- and I have been in regular contact with Mary but have neglected to share pictures. For shame, I know!
Mary got married in Leander/Cedar Park so in hopes of saving them some money (and because Mary is SOOOOOO sweet, you can’t help but want to help her) I offered up my home for them to get ready. So they accepted, and Mary and her wedding party got ready here at mi-casa. It was quite nice. Everyone was in good spirits and really friendly, I loved her mom (aren’t moms wonderful) and her bridesmaids and flower girls were wonderful as well.
(Sorry in advance, but I have to out a little here)
Mary has gorgeous hair. But wanted a really full hairstyle so we opted for extensions which I put in the day of. She also wanted a side swept hairstyle for the ceremony and wanted to be able to rock a different look for the ceremony. So we decided on having it all down for the reception. I pinned it so that it would be sturdy enough to last but easy enough for her to take out and still look great for the reception. We also did soft natural, but a hint of sexy makeup.
Anyway- here are a couple of pictures to tide you over for now!

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  1. Gorgeous.

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