Mary Amanda and Ross forever!

My darling sister recommended me to Mary Amanda and boy am I glad she did….

I had some car issues on my way to Mary Amanda’s hair trial, and even though I wasn’t late, I thought I might be by a few minutes. So when I called Mary Amanda she was so very sweet and cool about the whole thing. She was very easy to talked to and it felt like we’d been friends for years. So when I arrived at her house I instantly realized that this would be one of those super easy jobs. She was gorgeous! The best way I can describe Mary Amanda is “shiny”. Not in the oily sense. But just her personality and spirit. She’s just great. AND- she’s an animal lover! Gotta love that! So anway- I had a great time doing her hair and makeup and even got to meet Ross. He was so kind and accomidating and you can tell they were just meant for each other.

Mary Amanda and Ross had their engagement photos that day with Sarah Q (which is also where I “borrowed” the pictures!). Sarah is a great photographer and the first picture is where I think she actually captured the elusive True Love on film.

I can’t wait to work with you again Mary Amanda and I KNOW you and Ross will have such a great life together.

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