Nicolina Ballerina

When I first met Nicole at her hair trial I knew she was a cool chick. She knew exactly what she did and didn’t want and our trial only lasted about 20 minutes! Record fast!
Nicole use to be a dancer and went through a torturous hair routine. So she wanted to stay away from anything too tight and pulled back. Nicole had asked for something loose and as natural as an updo can get, with tendrils down the sides. We decided on some fullness up top and knotted curls pulled into a larger “bun”.

We got ready at the Vintage Villas off of 620. And that’s where I met her awesome MOH and mom. Courtney the MOH had short and fine hair and we wanted to do something that looked elegant and added fullness. So my weapon of choice was teasing! I teased the schnookus out of her hair and I’m sure she cursed me when she was trying to brush it out the next morning. (Well, I don’t know if she slept in it- I just assume- because I’m lazy and I would. Not that she’s lazy… I’m lazy, not her. you get what I mean)
Nicoles mom Mary Kaye had shorter hair and wasn’t too sure that we could do much with it. She did say she wanted body but not bee hive body, so we opted for curling and fluffing.

Robert from Robert Studio was her great photographer. Rare is the occasion that I ask a photographer for pictures after the wedding, and get them as soon as they’re posted. <> Robert actually contacted me to let me know they were ready. I totally big fat puffy heart him!
So I’ve posted some pictures courtesy of Robert.

I’ve recently received an email from both Nicole and her Mother, and I’d like to share:
“Hi Angela!

I just wanted to thank you for doing an absolutely amazing job on my hair last weekend. My mom and I, along with my MOH Courtney, were so happy with the results!!

I also wanted to tell you that Robert, our photographer, has posted highlight pictures of our wedding on his website. I thought you might want to see them! (Note that my hair looked perfect….. despite the awful wind!)”

Nicoles Mom:
I want to tell you, I received so many compliments on my hair at the wedding! Of course, Nicole was radiant and so was Courtney but people went out of their way to tell me how great my hair looked. It can be scary to put your hair in the hands of a virtual stranger but you rose to the occasion beautifully!Thank you for the great job you did and for making the time fun. We would not hesitate to recommend you if the occasion arises.
Mary Kaye “
I had a great time working with you guys and just love your friendly and funny personalities. I hope to hear from you in the future and wish nothing but good things and blessing for you all!
Thanks for making my time with y’all such a blast!

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