One way to celebrate!

Dude, it’s been less than a week since Brittneys wedding and already I have picture for y’all.  THAT’S impressive.  Not because I’m normally a slacker.  Because, honestly I got these pictures back on July 5th.  Less than 24 hour after the actual wedding.  But mostly because as much as I love photographers, and I really REALY appreciate all the hard work they have to put into editing.  I just never get pictures back this soon!  Now don’t go writing your photogs hate emails.  It takes hours upon hours to edit all ten zillion pictures from your gorgeous wedding.  You seriously could not pay me enough to be a wedding photographer.  The editing alone makes my brain hurt.

At any rate- Kelly Cameron gathered a group of photos from Brittneys wedding for a couple of us lucky vendors so that we could have them on hand asap.  And I mean ASAP.  I absolutely love working with Kelly.  She’s so sweet, and thoughtful.  Really.  I heard her ask the bride if she was thirsty or hungry at least 5 times.  She’s amazing.

Okay enough gushing about Kelly.  Lets talk Brittney.  I met Brittney back in March at her trial, and found out that she’s the event coordinator at The Vineyards in Florence.    I’ve been out to this venue on several occasions and it’s absolutely gorgeous.  Brittney has the longest, thickest, prettiest hair.   Knowing this, and knowing her wedding day in July would be hot- she wanted to go for an updo.  But one that would last, because of the weight of her hair- it tends to fall easily.  Luckily we were able to find something that she loved, and that worked.

Fast forward 4 months and here we are.  Fourth of July!  What a way to celebrate!  Brittney and her closest friends and family joined her in the festivities and all of her bridesmaids had their hair done, as well as her mom and other family members.

Brittney opted for airbrush makeup which is a great choice for outdoor weddings.  She also wanted natural but romantic and slightly vintage makeup.  So we went with golds and pinks for her eyes and a nude lip.

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