Over the mountain..

It’s not uncommon that we get brides from all over Texas.  Heck, we get brides from California, Colorado and.. thats all I can remember.  But they come from everywhere!  It’s a rare treat when we get brides from over seas!  Lizzy, although born in the US, currently resides in Holland.  Collective moment here.. I’ve always wanted to visit Holland and from what Lizzy says, its BEAUTIFUL!  Speaking of Beautiful, check out these gorgeous pictures from Lizzy’s wedding. (Lizzies?  Lizzy’s? <–this one doesn’t have the red line of misspelling doom under it)  I’m dying over the colors, and just how beautiful this day was!  Lizzie was an absolute doll to work with and I’m as always, honored to have been a part of  such a significant day!

Photos by Sarah Q

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