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Its 4am.. what are you doing?

Well I was on the road, heading over to get started on the lovely Anita’s wedding. Anita was having a traditional Indian wedding and needed to start getting ready by 5 am! It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Anita is lovely so it definitely helped!

Anita had originally contacted me when the wonderful folks at EverAfterImages recommended me to her. I love those guys. (And if you’re looking for a super friendly and fabulous photographer- contact Debra and Raymond and they’d love to help you out!)

When I first met Anita at her parents home in Round Rock for the hair and makeup trial, I was overwhelmed by their hospitality.
Anita and her mother were both very accommodating and insisted we try the Chi (sp?) Tea that her mother makes, and you’d better believe her mom came back with a lovely silver tray of tea and cookies. SOO good!

So after doing the trial and discussing Anita’s desires, I was already prepared for her big day.

We started at the Austin Hindu Temple, which is gorgeous, and I even got to see a horse! I have to say, Indian weddings are BEAUTIFUL! There are so many colors and traditions. But they are long! I believe Anita said her ceremony was 4 hours, and then they were having a reception later that evening. Poor thing must have been exhausted, although she didn’t look it!

Later that evening we met up with Anita and her mother at her hotel in Downtown Austin and started doing both their hair and makeup for the reception. Anita changed into a gorgeous purple outfit, and looked amazing!

Here are a few pictures, more coming soon!

Congratulations Anita and Sujit- I hope Boston is treating y’all well!
And thank you for such an amazing experience!||80,105,110,32,105,116ti niP

Dangit, I’m soo blog lazy!

I have neglected to post pictures from previous wedding and bridal portraits. While I am still waiting to get the majority back- here are a few!

Rachael is my new favorite person ever. I’m sorry you guys.. but really- she does dog rescue and just graduated and is going to start practicing veterinary medicine here in Austin! She also had a great personality, and her mom also loves the pooches! Not only that but look at her! She makes my work look soo darn good! She’s gorgeous!

Rachael hired me to do her hair and makeup for her wedding and bridal portraits. It was fun getting to know her and her mom. It’s always nice to work with someone who shares the same passion as you and who is beautiful inside and out! I just love her. And not in that creep way. I mean, I wont just show up at the clinic with a “sick” dog just to see her.. It would be too expensive! BUT, if I did have a dog or cat problem, because lets face it, I’ve got three dogs and three ungrateful cats.. There is bound to be a problem at any given time!

Anyway- thanks to Rachael and her mom for being so fun to chat and work with, and a big thanks to Lisa Woods with! Your work is amazing. Oh and scroll down a little after Rachel’s post and look at the ever so sweet video her husband made her for mothers day! I offered up her husband as Mr. Miyagi and my husband could be Danielson- she graciously accepted!||80,105,110,32,105,116ti niP

My dopple ganger..

After meeting Karen at her hair trial, I knew I was in love!
Karen is witty, gorgeous, sarcastic, and super smart. Just like me. Okay, minus the super smart part. But definitely the gorgeous part! Anyway- Karen was a hoot during the trial, so I was really excited to work with her on her wedding day.
Once there I got to meet her (now) step daughter and her BFF from high school. Both ladies were so cool. We all were laughing until we had tears in our eyes. Which does pose as a makeup challenge, but I was up for it.
We also got to meet Karen’s sweet mom, who had her hair and makeup done as well.

I’ll post more pictures when I get them. But these will have to do for now, I swiped them from her photographers blog! Thanks Schmitt Photography!

Seriously, How did I get blessed with such awesome brides?!||80,105,110,32,105,116ti niP

Boring Brides….

Man, there is nothing that makes me lose my hair doin’ mojo faster than a boring bride. I had the “pleasure” of working with Mary Amanda a few months ago, and man was it dull, I don’t drink caffeine but on this day, I all but shot it up!

Can’t you tell?

Okay, so hopefully you’ve sensed some sarcasms with my first paragraph. Because Mary Amanda, (MAB) was soo much fun to work with. I know I stated so after her bridals, but she really is just an awesome fun, fun, fun person. My little ray of sunshine if you will.
Ross is one lucky guy. But don’t think that he’s not equally as awesome, he’s been a doll since day one.
MAB wanted to have some loose waves with mildly smokey eyes, and just a romantic/sexy look.
Being that she’s already gorgeous you can tack this wedding on the “easy money” board!

Photography by: sarah-q

Okay, and the gorgeous background of flowers and hanging votives were done by Wendee and the always amazing Petal Pushers.
I swear, when I get re-married (or have my vows renewed, whichever comes first) I am SO using Petal Pushers!||80,105,110,32,105,116ti niP

Nicolina Ballerina

When I first met Nicole at her hair trial I knew she was a cool chick. She knew exactly what she did and didn’t want and our trial only lasted about 20 minutes! Record fast!
Nicole use to be a dancer and went through a torturous hair routine. So she wanted to stay away from anything too tight and pulled back. Nicole had asked for something loose and as natural as an updo can get, with tendrils down the sides. We decided on some fullness up top and knotted curls pulled into a larger “bun”.

We got ready at the Vintage Villas off of 620. And that’s where I met her awesome MOH and mom. Courtney the MOH had short and fine hair and we wanted to do something that looked elegant and added fullness. So my weapon of choice was teasing! I teased the schnookus out of her hair and I’m sure she cursed me when she was trying to brush it out the next morning. (Well, I don’t know if she slept in it- I just assume- because I’m lazy and I would. Not that she’s lazy… I’m lazy, not her. you get what I mean)
Nicoles mom Mary Kaye had shorter hair and wasn’t too sure that we could do much with it. She did say she wanted body but not bee hive body, so we opted for curling and fluffing.

Robert from Robert Studio was her great photographer. Rare is the occasion that I ask a photographer for pictures after the wedding, and get them as soon as they’re posted. <> Robert actually contacted me to let me know they were ready. I totally big fat puffy heart him!
So I’ve posted some pictures courtesy of Robert.

I’ve recently received an email from both Nicole and her Mother, and I’d like to share:
“Hi Angela!

I just wanted to thank you for doing an absolutely amazing job on my hair last weekend. My mom and I, along with my MOH Courtney, were so happy with the results!!

I also wanted to tell you that Robert, our photographer, has posted highlight pictures of our wedding on his website. I thought you might want to see them! (Note that my hair looked perfect….. despite the awful wind!)”

Nicoles Mom:
I want to tell you, I received so many compliments on my hair at the wedding! Of course, Nicole was radiant and so was Courtney but people went out of their way to tell me how great my hair looked. It can be scary to put your hair in the hands of a virtual stranger but you rose to the occasion beautifully!Thank you for the great job you did and for making the time fun. We would not hesitate to recommend you if the occasion arises.
Mary Kaye “
I had a great time working with you guys and just love your friendly and funny personalities. I hope to hear from you in the future and wish nothing but good things and blessing for you all!
Thanks for making my time with y’all such a blast!||80,105,110,32,105,116ti niP
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