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On of my bestest friends Jacquetta, was going through a hair frump. Jacquetta is the icon of all that is a fine and thin haired chick-a-dee. She’s been battling this dilemma all her life, and to combat it, she’s been perming her hair on a regular basis to add some body. Jacquetta had told me that she was tired of spending so much money having her hair permed but didn’t want to succumb to her flat hair.

So after weeks of talking about it, she decided to take the plunge and let me do what we needed to do to add texture and body to her hair.

Jacquetta had mid back length hair that was partially curly from a previous perm and mostly straight. Many people don’t realize that longer hair can add a lot of weight and cause more “flatness”.
We both decided that taking a lot of the bulk out of her hair was the best idea. We also had to keep in mind that she has a round face and that we need to be sure to keep that in mind when choosing a style.

Thanks for letting me chop your hair off! I love ya!Posted by Picasa||80,105,110,32,105,116ti niP

I am happy and sad all at the same time. I’m happy because I’ve gotten to meet such a great person, and sad that our adventure together is over. I went on location to do hair and makeup for Mary Amanda on her wedding day this Saturday. Before that I had met with Mary Amanda several times, first time was to do a hair trial, second was at an open house, and third was to put extensions in her hair. All three of those times were a hoot. Mary Amanda has a truly bright personality. The minute you meet her you want to be her friend. She is just so… fun! I’ve had the best time getting to know her and her new husband Ross. Who is just as friendly as she is. These two have a great spark about them and you just know that they’re going to make it.
I was a bit intimidated at first to work with Mary Amanda because her sister is a hair stylist as well, but doesn’t enjoy doing the “fancy stuff”. Anytime you work with a stylist you wonder if they’re secretly judging you and thinking that they could be doing better. I know I would! But after meeting her sister on the day-of I knew that she wasn’t at all like me.. she was super sweet and non-judgemental! (Wait, I mean, I’m super sweet and non-judgemental too, just not now, well, I mean I was sweet I think. Anyway, you get what I mean! )
Mary Amanda’s mom is this soft spoken, sweet lady who loves to ask questions, and just get to know you. I loved her whole family!
So anyway, Mary Amanda wanted her hair mostly down with some natural waves. She was concerned that her hair was too short in the front and that curling it would make it even shorter, so we got together and put in some extensions that would not only fill in the shortness from the front, but also add a little extra fullness. Mary Amanda was a little scared at first, but the second we were done with the extensions she swore she needed to have them in 24-7 for the rest of her life!
On the big day, we curled her hair with a larger barrel curling iron and added a few flowers given to us by her florist the ever so amazing Petal Pushers. We also did very natural makeup with a bit darker shadow. We also did individual false lashes on the outer corners of her eyes to “flirt” up the look a little.
I’ve posted a few non-professional photos, and can’t wait to get the “real” ones!
My sister Wendee was her coordinator and if I had a dollar for how many times Mary Amanda and her mother raved about her and all her help, I could retire!

On with the show:

I apologize for the whiteness of this picture, I am not a professional photographer!||80,105,110,32,105,116ti niP

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! And what a Valentines day its been. We have officially welcomed a new member to our team- Tavia Williams who has been doing professional makeup for over 7 years and is now doing hair and makeup for us. Tavia is a great asset to our team, and we look forward to many more weddings with her! I’ve tried getting better at taking pictures at weddings. This Saturday was SOOO busy it was hard to get pictures done. But, I have a few! So I’ll share them and add when the photographers send me theirs. Some of the pictures are for hair and some for makeup.||80,105,110,32,105,116ti niP

What can I say?

I have been a bad blogger.. You know it, I know it, They (whoever “they” may be) know it. So what can I do to be a better blogger?

More pictures you say? Well here’s a little confession.. I’m a pansy. A wuss I tell ya. And I am horrible at getting photographers to send me their pictures. I ask them once, they forget.. Asking them twice.. something I’m working on.

My photos- Well- looks like you’ll just have to settle for them now. I have found my charger, and my camera (as poor as the pictures are) is ready to go!

So I promise to try to blog about anything and everything if not on a daily basis, then on a weekly basis.
Feel free to contact me with any questions or anything hair/makeup related that you’d like answer to.||80,105,110,32,105,116ti niP

Vista West Ranch Open House

Come celebrate the re-opening of the gorgeous Vista West Ranch on January 14th from 5-8pm. There is going to be a lot of top notch vendors, and not to mention the totally rad discounts you’ll be getting by booking the vendors that night. Cindy the owner, is battling (and winning) breast and lymphnotic cancer. So she had taken a much needed break from VWR and has had her last chemo treatment in December. So come by, check out the awesome scenery and if anything just to say high to Cindy and get one of her wonderful hugs!
-I am so gonna make her a free hugs sign now!

Vista West Ranch
4505 McGregor Lane Dripping Springs,TX 78620 512-894-3500||80,105,110,32,105,116ti niP
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