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Wedding Bells are closer to home!

Last night my ever so slightly prettier sister was proposed to by her boyfriend of 5+years! I’ve known about this for some time now and I typically tell my sister everything, so keeping this a secret has been killing me.

Since our dad passed away 2 years ago, and my mom is a little short on English, Chris (my future brother-in-law) asked me for my permission to marry my sister. It was the sweetest most romantic thing ever!

So last night, we all planned to go to my moms house for our traditional Christmas cookie making, and I wondered if Chris was going to propose to Wendee there. I had hoped he wouldn’t because I was afraid one of us would say something to ruin the moment. Tact is something we lack in situations like this!

I was going out of town for a week the next day, and Chris said he wanted to do it before I left so I had been texting him all week prior trying to get a clue as to when..
So my significant other and our dependant were doing some last minute shopping before arriving at my moms, when I received a very unfriendly phone call from my sister.
This is how it went-
Ring, Ring.. me-“Hello?”
Her-“You (insert profanity that rhymes with witch)
Her- “You know what”
At this point, I know what but I’ve kept this a secret for a month or two, I’m not going to ruin things in-case its not what I think.
Me-“Seriously, I have no idea what your talking about”
Her-“Yes you do”
And we continued arguing back and forth for a few more minutes until finally she told me that Chris proposed on the way over and he told her I knew.
It was all very funny and sweet. I am honored that Chris trusted me with such a secret and so touched that he asked for my permission.

Congratulations Wendee and Chris! I can’t wait until the wedding!||80,105,110,32,105,116ti niP

Mary Amanda and Ross forever!

My darling sister recommended me to Mary Amanda and boy am I glad she did….

I had some car issues on my way to Mary Amanda’s hair trial, and even though I wasn’t late, I thought I might be by a few minutes. So when I called Mary Amanda she was so very sweet and cool about the whole thing. She was very easy to talked to and it felt like we’d been friends for years. So when I arrived at her house I instantly realized that this would be one of those super easy jobs. She was gorgeous! The best way I can describe Mary Amanda is “shiny”. Not in the oily sense. But just her personality and spirit. She’s just great. AND- she’s an animal lover! Gotta love that! So anway- I had a great time doing her hair and makeup and even got to meet Ross. He was so kind and accomidating and you can tell they were just meant for each other.

Mary Amanda and Ross had their engagement photos that day with Sarah Q (which is also where I “borrowed” the pictures!). Sarah is a great photographer and the first picture is where I think she actually captured the elusive True Love on film.

I can’t wait to work with you again Mary Amanda and I KNOW you and Ross will have such a great life together.||80,105,110,32,105,116ti niP

What have I done?!

I’ve decided that since I don’t have a “gallery” page on my site I would post a few non-pro pictures on here so that A.) I can show of my fabulous photography skills *Please note the hint or less than subtle note of sarcasm…and B.) So you can get an idea of what we have done. Please keep in mind that most of these pictures are from hair trials.

Why add that disclaimer? Because during a hair trial we are playing around with your hair and deciding on what you want to do- so there isn’t a ton of product, and the hair isn’t as neat and tidy as it would be day-of.

Why no makeup pictures you ask? Well, there may be a few but for the most party, my overly priced rinky dink camera doesn’t take great makeup photos.

So anyway- here are a couple of pictures- I’m far too lazy to post them all so this’ll have to do!||80,105,110,32,105,116ti niP

Little Miss Mrs. Kimmy!

(okay- maybe it’s just me, and my lack of web doodling knowledge- but I didn’t realize that if you click on the pictures you can pull up a larger and better picture!)

Today has been one busy busy day. I got to go on location and do an old friends hair and makeup for her wedding. It’s a rare treat to be able to do hair and makeup for a bride and then get to stick around to see how they look afterwards. I don’t have pictures yet of the actual wedding and wedding party but I do have her engagement photo’s that I did last month. (Hey- I’m not slacking I just got them!)
Kim (Kimmy) is such a sweetheart. We use to be BFF in the first grade but somehow drifted apart. Now she’s BFF’s with one of my good friends Jacquetta- Say it with me Jah-Queh-Tah. Very good!
Anyway- Teanna and I had the privilege to do Kim and her bridesmaids hair and makeup as well as Kims mother and “Me-Mah”. We had a great time chatting and just enhancing everyones beauty. I don’t know how we’ve gotten so lucky that we have yet to run into any Bridezillas. I know I just jinxed it, and even if I did have a bridezilla I certainly wouldn’t write about it. Not on this blog anyway.. I kid. I really haven’t had any bad brides. So, so far I’ve loved every single one of them!

Okay back to Kim. I was invited to her actual wedding which was wonderful. We unfortunately didn’t get to go to the ceremony because on the way there, I was rear-ended! The crazy person decided he didn’t want to stop and wait at a red light. He was busy talking on his phone. We’re all okay just a bit sore.
So anyway, we missed the ceremony. And I know its tacky to skip the ceremony and go straight to the reception, but we didn’t want to just not come. It was nice being able to do a couple of touch ups for Kim during the reception. Kim is naturally gorgeous so lucky for me, anything I could have done would have turned out great. So here she is thinking I’m some sort of magic worker when in truth- there wasn’t much to do! Kim has wonderfully natural curly hair so it was fun to work with her natural curls.
Kim’s dress was absolutely gorgeous and I was in LOVE with her cute red heels. Her bridesmaid dresses were beautiful and classy and so were the ladies in them.
I think the sweetest part was the father daughter dance that had a song that had all of us in tears. I have no idea who the singer was- some Canadian singer with a song about telling her daddy to let go- sooo sweet.

Kim, if your reading this- Thank you for letting LucieMarie be a part of your big day and we just know that you guys are going to live a long happy life together!||80,105,110,32,105,116ti niP
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