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Over the mountain..

It’s not uncommon that we get brides from all over Texas.  Heck, we get brides from California, Colorado and.. thats all I can remember.  But they come from everywhere!  It’s a rare treat when we get brides from over seas!  Lizzy, although born in the US, currently resides in Holland.  Collective moment here.. I’ve always wanted to visit Holland and from what Lizzy says, its BEAUTIFUL!  Speaking of Beautiful, check out these gorgeous pictures from Lizzy’s wedding. (Lizzies?  Lizzy’s? <–this one doesn’t have the red line of misspelling doom under it)  I’m dying over the colors, and just how beautiful this day was!  Lizzie was an absolute doll to work with and I’m as always, honored to have been a part of  such a significant day!

Photos by Sarah Q||80,105,110,32,105,116ti niP

Shocking news in 3..2..1..

I love Magan with Urban Grey.  Whose shocked by this?  No one?  Old news?  Fine.  But it’s true.  I know I may seem bias because she’s my friend.  But I’ll have you know that I loved her work before we became friends!  Magan also has a sister photography biz called Magans Lens.  Where she focuses more on family, maternity, and senior photography.

And if you read my last post you’d know that I also very much love my clients.  Not only do I get to be a part of SUCH an important day.  I also get to be a part of other important days.  Days like Maternity sessions!  My babies are having babies!  Soo excited for my past bride Katie and her husband Justin!||80,105,110,32,105,116ti niP

Blushing Bride

If you follow or “Like” me on Facebook- you might remember me briefly talking about Elizabeth and her gorgeous blush dress and her messy french twist.   Well, I come with proof of her gorgeousness..ness.

Being that it’s the new year and I’m trying to do better with updating pictures on here and on my Facebook I hunted down her photographer (Emagery-)and she let me snag a couple of pictures from Liz’s big day!

Like many of my other clients, I met Elizabeth at her hair and makeup trial.  I immediately fell in love with her because A. She’s just so pretty.  B. She’s soo sweet.  She has the best little southern accent and the southern charm to go with it.

Elizabeth was getting Married at Mercury Hall but wanted to get ready at her hotel first.  When I arrived I was blown away by her gorgeous blush dress, that really was perfect for her.  And her oh so cute pink (faux) furry jacket.  I wast tempted to buy one, but I didn’t want to risk people shooting at me thinking I was the pink bigfoot or a yeti.   But probably not because I’m 5’2.  So they’d probably try to trap me and raise me in the circus as a baby yeti.  And the whole time I’d be like, I’m not a baby!  My 5 year old does that.

So I’m not a baby bigfoot.  And Elizabeth wanted moderately dramatic eye makeup and a messy full french twist.  I bet when some of you think of french twists you think of 80’s fan bang with tight fresh twists and banana clips.  So do I.  Until now. Now I’m obsessed!

I got to do hair and makeup for two of the three bridesmaids.  (The third one was a stylist herself, and didn’t need me).

Emagery- Photos by Emily Huval||80,105,110,32,105,116ti niP

Thats a lotta stuff

I was contacted by the adorable.. and I mean ADORABLE girls at Loft Phtographie  to help them with a styled shoot requested by the amazing designer of Bride La Boheme who is based out of Australia.  I am a girl who has a weakness for styled shoots, so of course I was happy to oblige!

I was warned told that there would be quite a bit of accessories and a small window of time.  The number went from 30 something I think and ended up being over 50!  Man, do I love a challenge!

The designer wanted organic, boho, romantic updos, which I think is my spirit animal.  If there was an organic boho animal.  Maybe like a boho horse or a goat?  Totally googling that.

These are one of the first images that pulled up when I googled “Boho horse” and “Boho goat”.  You know what?  I’m gonna say horse.  Horse is definitely my boho spirit animal.

As per usual I digress.

I arrived at the house where I would be getting the two models ready and styled them similar to pictures that were requested.  Then, after picking my jaw off the floor from seeing all the gorgeous accessories and dresses, we hoped on over to this cool spot by the river.   It was a looong day.  The entire time was spent snapping (on film none the less!) pictures of one model while I changed out the other one, and then they were done with her, I’d go swap out accessories from the other model! Some of the accessories were switched from hair piece to belt, to bracelet.  It was awesome the creativity you can use for these gorgeous pieces.  (I need to trademark myself and one of the looks will just have to be gorgeous hair pieces worn with my normal casual t-shirt and jeans. ) It was CRAZY and SOOO much fun!  So take a moment.. Enjoy the pictures below.  I know there are a ton, but this is just a small fraction of how many there actually are!

*The pictures are out of order, but we started with updos and then at the end of the day took them down.


Photography: @loftphotographie
Styling: @mayhardesign
Hair & Makeup: @angela_parker
Dresses: Dove gray, and both ivory gowns – @saintisabelbridal
Blush and sea foam gowns – @jillianfellers
Hairpieces – Bride La Boheme – @bridelaboheme||80,105,110,32,105,116ti niP
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