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Shaving off those scales

Okay.  I’ll admit.  Not the best title.  But I didn’t see any other suggestions in the suggestion box so don’t judge.

I get asked a lot.. a lot, a lot about moisturizers.  This is a tough subject because I’m not a dermatologist.  But I do have 500 + Esthetitian hours from cosmetology school.  So same difference right?  (To all my Dermatologist friends who spent countless hours for years studying in medical school, please do not send me a plague of acne, the “same difference” thing was a joke)

I personally have combination skin, that leans more on the oily side.  I get dry patches on my chin and the sides of my nose.  While most of my “T” zone stays well… lubricated.

Not all moisturizers are created equal.  A $60 department store moisturizer may not work as well for you personally as the $10 store brand.  You just have to know what to look for. You want to always look for “noncomedogenic” this just means it won’t clog.  Moisturizers with an SPF of at least 15 are ideal as well.  We don’t want to have to go over the woes of sun spots next right?   Alcohol, parabens, and petroleum are major ingredients in a lot of moisturizers.  All which are ironically bad for you and bad for your skin!

I personally have to use a different moisturizer for winter and summer.  I am much more dry in the winter.  So a heavier moisturizer is needed.   If you have sensitive skin ( Or any kind of skin for that matter) scented moisturizers are probably going to be irritating if not more drying.  Before applying you want to make sure you wash your face and lightly pat dry with a clean towel.  Then immediately apply the moisturizer.  Damp and wet skin absorb moisture faster than dry skin.

Cetaphil is actually the #1 moisturizer recommended by all 5 dermatologist that I’ve ever worked with.


I personally try to go the more natural route and use Jojoba oil, coconut oil, and/or argan oil.  The coconut oil should be extra virgin.  I’m not 100% sure what the difference between Virgin and Extra Virgin is.  (It’s been unclear to me since high school 😉  )  I can only assume because I’m too lazy to google that it has something to do with the processing and filtration.   Do a test spot for a couple of days because coconut oil can possibly clog pores.  It’s typically better used for dry patches on the skin, but not every day topical use.  Eating coconut oil is great for your complexion however!  All of these are also great for your hair!  These are total game changers.  You’ll thank me later I promise! There are millions of recipes out there as well for lotion bars where you can add in these oils yourself.  I tried making one once and it only made me itchy.  So I just use a pea size amount of either of these oils that I have on hand and rub it into my face.   Shea butter is actually a popular ingredient you usually see moisturizers boasting about on their labels.  But it’s usually a miniscule amount.  You really need raw shea butter in larger amounts to get it’s full effect.


Oily Skin

A lot of people with oily skin skip the moisturizer.  Which is a HUGE .. HUGE mistake.  When you have oily skin, and you don’t moisturize you’re making your skin work over time on producing oils because it’s needing more.   All this = even more oil production which = even oilier skin!  That being said, if you have sever acne and really oily skin, you’ll need to find the right balance.  Speak to your dermatologist about whats best for you.

You want to avoid greasy moisturizers, and find a nice light one that works for you.

A CHEAP tip for my oily skinned amigos.  Ditch the oil absorbing papers that cost you $8+ for 50 sheets.  (okay, I totally made that price up, but you’ll get my point in a minute) and run to Sallys and buy you some Perm papers!  Same difference except you get 1000 for like, $5 tops.

Dry skin

Heavier moisturizers that fall into the same guidelines listed above should work well for you.  Lather some of that on and let it sit for a few minutes before lightly blotting off the excess.

Be sure to moisturize twice a day.  After washing your face with a gentle face wash.  If you’re feeling dry and stiff through out the day but already have makeup on, Evian makes a great face mister.  It wont saturate your face like a regular spray bottle.  It lightly mists.

Combination Skin

You’re probably feeling a little torn on what to do.  Just be sure to wash your face morning and night, use a good toner- and just experiment a little to see which type of moisturizer would work best for your skin type.  You may want to focus on the most problematic area.  Are you super oily in some spots and only moderately dry in others?  If so you want to mucus on the oily side.   You can even go as far as getting two different kinds of moisturizers to go on each portion of  the face.   The natural routes seem to be a great fit for those with combination skin.

Don’t know if you’re dry or oily skinned?  Well if you have to ask you’re likely combination.   Some days your dry, some days you’re oily

So folks.  Hopefully that helped a little bit.  I could on on forever about this subject but I wont.  Feel free to leave me a comment with any questions and/or email me.  I’ll help the best way I can!||80,105,110,32,105,116ti niP

Never wanted this day to come.

As you know, I don’t like to get too personal on here.  It’s not the place.  Unless your personal life mixes with your professional.  In this case, it did.

I feel like it’s gotta get a little personal so you know why this person means so much to me.  So grab your Styrofoam cup and burnt coffee and lets have a little personal chat.

My dad got sick when I was in the second grade, leaving my mom to care for two young kids.  Short on English and resources, to say she struggled would be and understatement.  In comes the Joe and Margo.  They started helping my mom the minute they moved in across the street from us.  A young couple with no children of their own.  Often times Margo would tattle notify my mom if she saw my sister or I up to no good.  Which did not make her popular with me at that time.   Fast forward to Margo getting pregnant and having a beautiful baby girl named Ashley, who my mom then started watching on a part-time basis.  Ashley was seriously the perfect kid.  I would often drive her to a field not to far away and feed the horses with her.  Her most favorite past time.  She also liked to say “Momma” especially when I would take her to run errands with me.  I got many-a teen mom speech from random strangers.  Fun times.  Ashley also couldn’t say my name so she started calling me “Andy” which is a nick name thats stuck for  years.  You can always tell who my oldest friends are if you hear them refer to me as “Andi”.

Fast forward many, many, many more years and two more amazing kids later that my mom until a year ago watched regularly as well.   Joe and Margo are still helping my mom in every aspect of her life.  They take off work, volunteer their already sparse spare time to help her.. They’re better kids than my sister and I could ever be.   My sweet, sweet Tashy is now 18 years old.  Things have come full circle.  She babysits my kids now, and hopefully gets teen mom looks as well.

Ashley has grown to be a truly amazing woman.  She’s so smart, and wise beyond her years.  She doesn’t give into peer pressure, doesn’t care to change her beliefs or morals for anyone.  She’s a straight A, honor student whose been accepted into the University of Texas Nursing School.  Which, if you do know her.. is like. Duh.   She’s a FIRM God lover.  A great sister, and an easy daughter.  I’m not sure Ashley has ever been grounded.  I’m not even sure she’s ever cussed.  Then again, I probably do enough for the both of us.   All this stems from two amazing parents.  Who I am sooo deeply blessed to call family.

Ashley Nicole.. Tashy.  I am so truly honored to have been able to watch you grow up.  I am so excited for you, and look forward to watching you do great things.   Because Ashley is SUCH a VIP for me, I wanted to make sure she had awesome Senior Pictures.  I mean, you’re only a Senior once right.  Well, except in college.. and then when you’re 60…  So of course I called up my friend Amanda with Amanda Pomilla Photography and she was so gracious and flexible with my crazy schedule.  We had such an awesome time shooting these.  The day was chilly, and WIIINDY but we powered through and Amanda really did capture Ashley and all of her sweetness.  Her talent for capturing people, as they are- is just nothing short of amazing.  So thank you Amanda for these great pictures!

And in true family nature my amazingly talented sister (Wendee Sawran) seriously whipped up the floral head piece/crown on super short notice.  Because, who isn’t always surrounded my gorgeous flowers that are ready to be turned into beautiful head decor?  Fair warning.. don’t click on the link in her name unless you want to suffer from insanely gorgeous flower overload.  Just sayin’.||80,105,110,32,105,116ti niP

Taming the Demons..

Hate frizzy hair?  Tired of waking up in a tangled mess?  Hair so dry you can hear it crackle in the wind?  Well say goodbye to to those frizzy flammable tumbleweeds!

I could go on pretending like this is a hair infomercial but I’ll stop here. Because I really could just keep going on past silly catchy title and straight onto you’ve gone too far. Which wouldn’t be the first for me.. In fact. It’s probably expected at this point. Well allow me to not only wow you with actually getting to the point, but also with this free tip.

Cotton is not your friend.  Well.  No, that’s not true.  Cotton is lovely.  Just not for your hair.

“Cotton can absorb about 25 times it’s weight in water. This is because of it’s molecular structure, the arrangement, and spacing of it’s molecules creates many places that attract water. You can find more information here:”

Most people sleep on cotton sheets and use cotton pillowcases.  So besides drool, what else are those pillow cases absorbing?  Important oils that our scalps produce to keep our hair healthy!
They’re literally sucking the life right out of your hair.  Luckily for us cotton sleepers, there’s a solution!
You have several options here-
Satin- You can easily pop into the beauty/hair fair isle at your local home store, and pick up a satin hair cap. Although satin isn’t as absorbent as cotton, it normally comes with mixed reviews.  I also would advise against satin pillow cases or sheets for that matter simply because they’re not as breathable and can cause breakouts. Nobody likes body breakouts. Not to mention that Your skin needs to breath people!  So put on those boring Egyptian cotton sheets back on your bed,and save those satin ones for special occasions.
Silk- Silk is breathable, some say even hypoallergenic, and only mildly absorbent.  If you’re into matching sheets and don’t want to splurge on a pure silk sheet set, a great and more affordable option is a silk sleep bonnet.  Be sure to find one that has enough room for all of your hair to loosely fit inside, with a snug but not too tight elastic.  Avoid caps/scarves as these will flatten your hair over night.  Unless of course this is the look you were going for.
Pretty AnntoiNet’s has hair lingerie .  It’s a sad day when you have to admit that your hair has better lingerie than you do. I realize you’ll probably look a little silly at night, but its for the sake of a good do.  Not to mention it’ll save you a ton of money on all that smoothing crap you put in your hair only to have it disappear in the AM, and/or eventually build up on your hair weighing it down so much that you’ll have to read my other blog post about flat hair.  (Don’t panic if you can’t find it.  It doesn’t exist yet. But it will.. One day.  It will)
Silk caps are especially beneficial for my curly haired folks.  Keeping those gorgeous curls looking healthy takes work.  So this is one less step.  A large step even.
I’m certain you’ll notice a difference.  There are several places you can find these bonnets, including the link above, Amazon, Etsy, and Ebay.  100% silk is what you want to make sure you’re getting if you’re going the silk route.  The bonnets range from affordable $20 to I’m literally investing with my hair.  Give it a try, and if all else fails, it makes a great Halloween accessory.
Let me know what you think of yours, or better yet.  Send me a picture with it on.  I promise to give you a 5 minute warning before I tag you on Facebook!||80,105,110,32,105,116ti niP

I earned this

If you’re no stranger to my blog you know how much I love Magan with Urban Grey and how much I love Sherry with Sherry Hammonds Photography.  

Well what do you get when you put a gorgeously pregnant Magan and a super talented photographer and a couple of lipstick/hairdo changes, together?  A day filled with laughter, great pictures, and cold feet.

The ladies and I met up at my house where my 4 year old proceeded to entertain Magan while I got her hair and makeup ready.  Magan had never had airbrush makeup before, which is odd considering who she’s friends with.. so after some curling and weave clipping ( and I am fully aware that her extensions are not truly considered a “weave” but you’ve got to admit that it’s more fun to call it a wave) and then a light airbrush application, we were on our way.  We shot at the gorgeous Bull Creek here in Austin.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous.  I think it was in the low 70’s.  And despite some dog and random bright color shirt wearing dude photo bombs, it was a really successful session.  A session that I think was so personal for the three of us, and meant more than can be described.

Don’t think I forgot about those gorgeous hair halos.  Those were done up by the mega talented Wendee at Unexpected Elements.

*Side note: People often mistaken us for sisters, twins even.  Me: being the prettier one, obviously.  But clearly we’re not related… clearly.


I’m pretty sure she’s laughing at something witty and clever that I just said.

Magan and her sweet husband Dustyn. Can those two pick some cute outfits or what?

The water was freezing, the dress was new, but it was all worth it for the shots in the water.  Magan was fully prepared to completely get in, luckily it wasn’t necessary.  Her baby thanks her. 

Stay tuned for hospital photos.  I’ve totally volunteered to come do Magan’s hair and makeup when she goes in to labor.  I’m going to take her nervous laugh as a firm “yes” to that.  I’ll keep my pager next to me.  (I just realized that most of my clients/brides are like 10 and have no idea what a pager is.. I’ve googled it for you.  You’re welcome)

January 29, 2014 - 6:58 pm

Shannon - Your blog posts are always so entertaining.

January 29, 2014 - 10:23 pm

LucieMarie - Thanks ma’am! They are few and far between though. I’m working on getting better.

January 30, 2014 - 7:44 pm

Elissa - She looks absolutely gorgeous and I love her eyeshadow 🙂||80,105,110,32,105,116ti niP

Will you be my Valentine?

Okay the title is a little strange.  It’s like 11pm, and I have three kids (not including my husband).  Sometimes strange is the best I can do.

Do yo know whats not strange?  (this is THE WORST segue ever) Boudoir mini sessions!  I’m teaming up with the talented, and fun Sherry Hammonds, and we’re going to be offering boudoir sessions for a few lucky ladies at an extremely discounted rate, at a lovely location, and this includes hair and makeup by yours truly!  I’ll even hang around and help lighten the mood, and probably make awkward jokes.   Who can say no to something like that?

And listen up ladies.  I don’t wanna hear the,  “I gotta lose X amount of weight first”.   Because I’m here to tell you.  You’re gorgeous how you are now.  This coming from a girl whose kids like to run and bounce off her butt.  True story.   And guess what.  Your partner loves you the way you are too!   So stop being self conscious and do it.   Put on your big girl panties and book now before we fill up.  (Probably best to leave those panties at home though, you know which ones I’m talking about. )||80,105,110,32,105,116ti niP
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