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My darling friend and photographer Magan with you guessed it- Urban Grey Photography and I teamed up to do a series of couples shoots. What could be more fun that working with a close friend, and gorgeous couples?

I think as a whole-  after the excitement of marriage and even after the blur of having kids we often forget about ourselves as a couple.  You immediate go into survival mode whether it be surviving life with an adult person who STILL CANT SEEM TO MAKE IT ALL THE WAY INTO THE TOILET or rinse their cup out before leaving it in the sink.  Or the survival mode when you have kids.  This is survival mode in it’s purest form.  Not only do you have to keep the kids alive but you’ve got to keep yourselves alive too.

Whatever the circumstances are.  When do we (and by we I mean myself as well because I’m 100% guilty of all of this as well) ever take the time to stop, breath in, and remember what REALLY loving each other is all about?

Magan and I wanted to do the couples session because I feel like couples easily become the under dogs once the hype of the fancy wedding or new kids come along.  And we both have a heart for the underdogs.  And a passion for bringing them out of underdog status and really shining a light on how amazing it is to BE a committed couple.  With the odds ever NOT being in your favor, it’s super important to refresh.  Refresh your frozen computer screen, refresh your frozen marriage.  Take time to capture those moments of being held, loved, touched (and not by sticky fingers).  My hope is that each of these couples and any other couple that would like to have a session done- looks back on these pictures and feels that heart stopping more than a crush love that they once felt before the craziness of marriage kicked in. I hope it reminds them that Love is worth holding on to, and sometimes it sucks, and just gets stuck but it’s worth a refresh.  Trust me on this!

Lets take a little looksie at the first adorable couple.  Sara and Rich.  These two adorables have been married for almost 8 years. They shared with Magan that they don’t have any professional pictures of each other, other than on their wedding day.  Gone are the days of the Olan Mills pictures of couples with matching turtle necks and feathered bangs.  Making time for each other is hard enough, making time to head over to sears portrait studio.. forget about it!  So we were thankful that they were willing to schedule some time out!  That being said.  I think the first few minutes of any photography session can be super awkward.  You don’t want to look stupid and you want to make sure you’re doing those poses you pinned on Pinterest.  But trust me when I say that if you have a good photographer, he/she will help guide you and then it all just comes naturally.  Pinterest can give you some great suggestions.  But leave it as that.  Trying to recreate other peoples poses often makes for some pretty awkward and fake shots.  So posing uniquely to your surroundings and comfort is the key. After a while you can feel the comfort that the couples feel when just holding on to each other. And THAT makes for some beautiful pictures.

For Saras hair and makeup-  Sara met me at my office while Magan and Rich drove down the Star Hill Ranch.  Sara has naturally curly/straight/wavy hair.  True story.  Some parts are super curly, some parts are super wavy and some were straight.  So we decided that messy curly would be a fun option for her bob cut.  I also threw in a side fishtail bang.  Because this was for a photo shoot, I went heavier on the makeup.  Sara and I discussed makeup looks, and she does wear makeup on a daily basis but not a lot.  She did agree to push the envelope on this one and go a bit smokey on the eyes, and a bold lip.  For anyone who says you can’t do both- they lie.  Well it can be done.  In moderation!  I knew that this was a little scary for her, but she was willing to try it.  For clients who are getting married I usually try not to peer pressure them into wearing more than they’re comfortable with, but for photo shoots it is recommended to go a little stronger with your look so it photographs well post editing.

I love that the first thing Rich said to Sara when he saw her for the first time was- “Baby, you look soo beautiful!”  Swoon



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