I first met Ms. Sara when we arranged to meet at her sisters apartment to get her ready for her engagement session.  Y’all know I love me some cool chicks.  And Sara is definitely one cool- laid back chick.  She gave me an idea of what she wanted and let me kinda do my own thing.  She wanted something romantic, but not overly structured, and wanted textures.  I added in a “messy” braid and a loose side… gathering.  If you will.   Which is always a lot of fun.  Sara opted for airbrush makeup as well.  She also showed me her outfits and both were adorable- which suited her perfectly.

Here are a few awesome pictures from her engagement session.  Via The Nichols.

And all great engagement sessions should be followed up by an equally great wedding!

I really, really, really love color.  Love it.  Would marry it if I could.  And if the hubs and I ever decided (which we will) to get re-married. Especially if we decide to get remarried to each other- I’m totally having a color filled, maraca shakin’, mariachi banding wedding.  Kinda, exactly like Sara’s.

Why, Hello pretty bridesmaids with your miss-matched flowers and your pretty hair/makeup.  Ahem… your welcome.  For the hair/makeup.  Not the flowers.   😉thanks Sara!

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