Saying goodbye!

Adios!  Au revoir!  Ciao!  Kwaheri!  Annyeonghi gyeseyo!  These are a few ways I’m saying goodbye to my frizzy, frizzy hair.  The best way though- is through Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy!  All of the girls at LucieMarie have tried this smoothing treatment, and when I say its crack for hair.  I’m not kidding.  I’ve tried SEVERAL different types of smoothing treatments.  Some I’ve really liked, and some.. not so much.

When I recently tried the KCST I was definitely hesitant because you do have to go a few days without washing your hair and clipping it back.  I don’t wash my hair everyday but it’s a personal choice.  Not one forced upon me by some hair company!  Anyway- so the rules were a little daunting.  Okay, so really, just that one rule.  But who likes rules right?  So aside from that, the Pros definitely out weighted the cons.  3-5 months of frizz free hair. With the other keratin treatments I had done, the max time was 6-8 weeks.  To say I was skeptical- would be and understatement.  My other concern was losing any wave that I might have in my hair.  And what about my clients who have gorgeous naturally curly hair?  Would they lose their curls?  I wanted to make sure that this “stuff” was also 100% legit too.  Because I had gone down the other road with the keratin treatments and even though it was all mostly bad rumors, I don’t ever want to offer anything that would make my clients worry.

So I did what any skeptical but interested person would do.  I went to the Keratin Complex certification class.  I needed to be able to see it first hand, and to ask my questions.  So I armed myself with all of the questions I’ve been asked in the past as well as any I thought of myself.  And I have to say.  I’m SOLD.  Keratin complex has ZERO formaldehyde.  I won’t go into the who complex ingredients, but if you truly want to know, shoot me an email or leave a comment and I’ll explain more.  I asked a TON of annoying questions.  I’m sure the other stylist there were ready to strangle me.  But I HAD to know.  I like to stand behind my products.  I’ve been asked to do reviews on TONS of products, and if I don’t like them, you’ll never see me offering them.  Seriously.  TONS.. and how many do you see on here?

KCST doesn’t coat your hair with keratin like most of the other treatments out there.  It actually absorbs into the hair shaft helping to replenish the hair with keratin lost in our day to day activities.  The aftercare products also contain an impressive amount of keratin to help repair your hair.  So not only is the KCST a great smoothing treatment it’s essentially a hair restoration treatment.  Your hair will only improve over time.

Loss of curls-  Because of the application technique- some curl relaxing can happen.  This is NOT a straightening treatment.  So if you  have curly hair, you can expect the curls to loosen up just a bit, but with curl enhancing products, you probably wont notice.  (especially after a couple of washes).  If you have wavy hair like me- letting your hair air dry or drying with a diffuser and curl products, you shouldn’t notice much difference either.  Other than super shiny waves. That being said, if you prefer straight hair, all you have to do is blow dry your hair using a round or paddle brush and seriously.. your hair is straight.  No need for a flat iron.  It’s crazy this stuff!

After my treatment:  I had one of the lovely stylist at LucieMarie Salon apply my treatment for me on a Monday.  I was REALLY nervous about wearing my hair down and straight for 3 days.  I personally don’t like my hair super straight.  I like a little volume.  SO by day 2, I had to go on location to a photo shoot, I felt self conscious about my hair so I did a no-no.  I pinned a few pieces back.  It was only for about 3 hours and after that I immediately flat ironed the section I had pinned.  No harm, no foul.  (do know, that if you have to go to the gym or have to pin your hair back for 2-3 hours, it’s not the end of the world, just be sure to flat iron your hair immediately after!   Same thing if you accidentally get it wet, blow dry ASAP and flat iron)  By day 3 I was SOOOO ready to wash my hair.   SO.. I did!  I wanted to see what it looked like when I let it air dry.  On the first day I have to be honest.  I was worried.  Although my hair was shiny and frizz free.  It was pretty flat.  I was flipping out.  And I vowed to never do this again.  Then that pesky voice of reason started kicking in, and I decided, next time I would just avoid applying the product too close to my the scalp.   Second shampoo-  My hair was perfect.  I had the waves (I went to bed with wet hair) the shine, and no frizz.  And my volume was back.  Mostly.  I had to realize that some of the volume was due to the large amount of frizz I was sporting before.

Conclusion.  I FREAKIN’ LOVE MY HAIR!!  Seriously.  I can’t stop touching it.  Its’ been a month and I am still running my fingers through my hair, admiring the shine, and completely engrossed in my own vanity.  And if I do blow dry my hair- it literally takes 5 minutes.  I’m not even kidding.  Thick, long hair.. 5 minutes to dry.  My hair rocks.

My only complaint- Strangers are touching me.  I’m not a touchy person.  So imagine my surprise when strangers come up and touch my hair saying its so shiny and soft.  Seriously.  Happens at least once a week.  So gross.

If you’re interested in getting this done shoot us an email, and we’ll set you up!

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