Sunshine Sarah

Sarah may have quite possibly be the nicest person ever.  Seriously.  EVER.  She was a doll to her bridesmaids, and loved on the bridesmaids babies.. which I love.  Nothing makes me like a person more than someone who loves animals, and someone who loves babies.  She’ll make an amazing momma some day!

So I met up with Sarah at a hotel in Lakeway and got her, some bridesmaids, and her mom ready.  They were all so great.  I think Sarah kept apologizing about stuff but there was seriously nothing to apologize about.  I just couldn’t get over how nice she was.  THEN, walks in her brother in law.  Or soon to be brother in law.  He’s like 7ft, and manly.  Then they start talking about how Justin  (her betrothed) is doing and the BIL gets teary eyed.  Soooo sweet.  I’m sure he appreciates me mentioning this.  But I could tell that he was really happy for his brother, and really liked Sarah.  I’m not sure how you couldn’t love her. Here are some picture of the amazing couple Via Matt Montalvo

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