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Sweet Becky

Sweet little Becky.. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of this awesome bride. When I first met Becky at her hair trial, she wanted a really romantic and somewhat traditional updo. Becky has TONS of hair and really wanted to have it neatly piled in curls high on her head, she also wanted to keep her makeup really natural. See, Becky doesn’t wear any makeup. She is blessed with natural beauty and fantastically flawless skin. I know.. hate her with me. But hating Becky is impossible. She’s too sweet. You know what? So is her mom. Her mom was hilarious and equally as sweet, but just a bit more outspoken. Especially on the big day. Man was she feisty!
Anywho- I met with Becky at Angel Springs Event Center, and right away I could tell this was going to be fun. Becky and her mom were in great spirits. We got started almost immediately and then her photographer showed up. Courtney with came toting some heavy artillery consisting of a super fancy camera and ladders. Multitudes of different size ladders. I like this girl… I like her a lot! Especially since she took pictures of me from atop one of these ladders. I’m going to put that in my contract- all photos of Angela Parker must be taken from at least 5ft off the ground. Listen- I know the pictures are about the bride and her big day- but if I see another random picture of me and my double chin and/or arm flab I’m going to take a road trip to border town Mexico and get some semi sterile lipo done on myself.
Sorry- where was I? Oh yes.. Here are some photos of the joyous day!

June 24, 2009 - 2:26 pm

Courtney Sprague - Angela,
You are hilarious in addition to being super talented! 🙂

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