Throw Back Thursday

I’m going to start implementing TBT’s here on the blog.  Mostly because it’s the only way to casually play off the fact that I’m am THAT far behind.

I loved everything about this wedding.  Starting with the gorgeous/sweet/kind bride.  Casey wore a long sleeved dress which was absolutely stunning on her.  Want to know something else thats stunning?  These photos from Amanda Pomilla Photography. Not only is she an incredible photographer but I get to call her friend.  Which may lead you to believe that I’m a little bias but.  Let these babies be the judge!

I don’t know whats going on here, but I do know I like it..


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Thats a lotta stuff

I was contacted by the adorable.. and I mean ADORABLE girls at Loft Phtographie  to help them with a styled shoot requested by the amazing designer of Bride La Boheme who is based out of Australia.  I am a girl who has a weakness for styled shoots, so of course I was happy to oblige!

I was warned told that there would be quite a bit of accessories and a small window of time.  The number went from 30 something I think and ended up being over 50!  Man, do I love a challenge!

The designer wanted organic, boho, romantic updos, which I think is my spirit animal.  If there was an organic boho animal.  Maybe like a boho horse or a goat?  Totally googling that.

These are one of the first images that pulled up when I googled “Boho horse” and “Boho goat”.  You know what?  I’m gonna say horse.  Horse is definitely my boho spirit animal.

As per usual I digress.

I arrived at the house where I would be getting the two models ready and styled them similar to pictures that were requested.  Then, after picking my jaw off the floor from seeing all the gorgeous accessories and dresses, we hoped on over to this cool spot by the river.   It was a looong day.  The entire time was spent snapping (on film none the less!) pictures of one model while I changed out the other one, and then they were done with her, I’d go swap out accessories from the other model! Some of the accessories were switched from hair piece to belt, to bracelet.  It was awesome the creativity you can use for these gorgeous pieces.  (I need to trademark myself and one of the looks will just have to be gorgeous hair pieces worn with my normal casual t-shirt and jeans. ) It was CRAZY and SOOO much fun!  So take a moment.. Enjoy the pictures below.  I know there are a ton, but this is just a small fraction of how many there actually are!

*The pictures are out of order, but we started with updos and then at the end of the day took them down.


Photography: @loftphotographie
Styling: @mayhardesign
Hair & Makeup: @angela_parker
Dresses: Dove gray, and both ivory gowns – @saintisabelbridal
Blush and sea foam gowns – @jillianfellers
Hairpieces – Bride La Boheme – @bridelaboheme
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Seriously Sarah…

My dear friend Magan with Urban Gray Photography contacted me one cold and dreery October and asked if I would be able to do some hair and makeup for some bridal portraits for a VIP client.  And of course I said yes.  And of course- the “cold and dreery” was my sad attempt at making this post a little more serious.  But seriously.  It’s Texas.  Ain’t nothin’ cold about October in Texas.  You know, they really should make specially insulated costumes for kids that live in hot climates.  All of the cute costumes are super hot and the poor kiddos are out there trying to fight off heat stroke.  Um.  Okay.  This is a hair/makeup blog NOT a Texas heat+ better Halloween costume design rant blog.  I will keep that as my mantra as I continue on with my story.

Once up on a time,  a hair stylist was beckoned by an insanely talented photographer who demanded her expertise for her VIP client Sarah.  Sarah lives in a land far far away.. Okay I gotta stop with the fairy tail story line.  It’s completely distracting and y’all know how easily I get distracted.  So seriously,  I have to admit.  I didn’t know Magan that well when I met up with her and later Sherry (she came along to help Magan out, because that’s just the kind of person Sherry is.  Makes you sick doesn’t it?)  at Magans house.  So it’s easy to assume that things were a little awkward at first.  But.  It wasn’t.  Magan is so awesome, and sweet, and adorable.   We really just got on from the start.   And Sarah, seriously.  So sweet.  SOO sweet.  Sarah lives in Beeville and came in for her engagement session which she shot with Magan the day before, and then bridals.  Sarah already had her own stylist booked back in Beeville, and just needed me for the bridals.  No problem.  I take work any way I can get it.   Sarah gave me a lot of creative liberty with her hair and makeup.  She had very little stipulations.  And we couldn’t decide if she should wear it up or half up.  So, we went with both.  I pinned her hair loosely enough that it would stay, but also easily come down.  Best of both worlds.  Do you know what else is the best?  The time we had.  I genuinely had such an awesome time working with them that I practically begged Magan to let me tag along to the shoot so that I could take down Sarah’s hair, of course.  I don’t usually stick around for the photography part.  But I didn’t want to leave them.  I was like the sad nerdy kid who would bring extra twinkies in her lunch box to bribe the other kids to play with her.  This never happened by the way.  I don’t like to share.  Not even for a decent bribe.   Reluctantly, the girls agreed to let me stick around.

When we got to this little tucked away field Magan and Sherry started pulling doors out of of Magans’ car.  This was new.  Doors?   Antique, beautiful, rustic, perfect doors!   How do people come up with these things?!  Sherry and I got to work attempting to stake the doors to the ground while Magan and Sarah did their picture thing sans the doors.  I am dead serious when I say 95% of the time was spent laughing.  4% was spent cursing the doors and their inability to stay up.  The other 1% was spent being serious.  Boo.

We were all sad to see each other go.  Sarah was off to her far away land,  and I would never see her again……

Bonjour Doors! How completely stunning is she! And if I'm not mistaken- that's a piece of Vera Wang heaven she's wearing!

Gardenia bouquet! We had to restrain ourselves from sticking our dirty faces in this and browning up the flowers!


Hair Transition


I'm pretty sure this was when Sherry was squatting behind the door tying to keep it up while we made stupid "knock-knock jokes"

Amazing photos right?  Amazing love story too.  Two people find each other, have the time of their lives and never see each other again.

Well guys.  I couldn’t end a story like that could I? After much discussion, Sarah and I decided we couldn’t bear to never see each other again.  So she gave her chick the boot and I road tripped it to Beeville for her wedding in April, with the promise of seeing her again for maternity and family photos when the time comes!  Cannot wait!

Magan, thank you for the opportunity to work with you guys, I had such an amazing time.

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