Throw Back Thursday

I’m going to start implementing TBT’s here on the blog.  Mostly because it’s the only way to casually play off the fact that I’m am THAT far behind.

I loved everything about this wedding.  Starting with the gorgeous/sweet/kind bride.  Casey wore a long sleeved dress which was absolutely stunning on her.  Want to know something else thats stunning?  These photos from Amanda Pomilla Photography. Not only is she an incredible photographer but I get to call her friend.  Which may lead you to believe that I’m a little bias but.  Let these babies be the judge!

I don’t know whats going on here, but I do know I like it..


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Graceful Grace

I often get asked if I’ve done Asian makeup before, prior to my Asian clients booking.  Being Asian myself I completely understand the struggle of finding someone who can actually work with different hair textures and eye shapes.  Although you’d think I’d have had tons of practice on myself.  I’m not the greatest walking business card.  I recently just started wearing mascara.  Please don’t throw rocks at me!  I’ve seen the error of my ways, and I now I know the true magic behind it.  But when you have straight lashes that actually have ZERO curl, you’d understand the struggle!  At any rate, I am familiar with the struggles.. #thestruggleisreal

So anyway- it was great meeting Grace.  A fellow Korean.  Her, and her family were so kind and gracious.  We had such a great time working together.  Her photographer Luxe Photography  did such an amazing job capturing her sweet spirit.  

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Thats a lotta stuff

I was contacted by the adorable.. and I mean ADORABLE girls at Loft Phtographie  to help them with a styled shoot requested by the amazing designer of Bride La Boheme who is based out of Australia.  I am a girl who has a weakness for styled shoots, so of course I was happy to oblige!

I was warned told that there would be quite a bit of accessories and a small window of time.  The number went from 30 something I think and ended up being over 50!  Man, do I love a challenge!

The designer wanted organic, boho, romantic updos, which I think is my spirit animal.  If there was an organic boho animal.  Maybe like a boho horse or a goat?  Totally googling that.

These are one of the first images that pulled up when I googled “Boho horse” and “Boho goat”.  You know what?  I’m gonna say horse.  Horse is definitely my boho spirit animal.

As per usual I digress.

I arrived at the house where I would be getting the two models ready and styled them similar to pictures that were requested.  Then, after picking my jaw off the floor from seeing all the gorgeous accessories and dresses, we hoped on over to this cool spot by the river.   It was a looong day.  The entire time was spent snapping (on film none the less!) pictures of one model while I changed out the other one, and then they were done with her, I’d go swap out accessories from the other model! Some of the accessories were switched from hair piece to belt, to bracelet.  It was awesome the creativity you can use for these gorgeous pieces.  (I need to trademark myself and one of the looks will just have to be gorgeous hair pieces worn with my normal casual t-shirt and jeans. ) It was CRAZY and SOOO much fun!  So take a moment.. Enjoy the pictures below.  I know there are a ton, but this is just a small fraction of how many there actually are!

*The pictures are out of order, but we started with updos and then at the end of the day took them down.


Photography: @loftphotographie
Styling: @mayhardesign
Hair & Makeup: @angela_parker
Dresses: Dove gray, and both ivory gowns – @saintisabelbridal
Blush and sea foam gowns – @jillianfellers
Hairpieces – Bride La Boheme – @bridelaboheme
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So excited that Ramie got featured on Style Me Pretty! 

Ramie was (still is!) gorgeous, her bridesmaids and family were gorgeous, and her wedding was gorgeous. So this news comes as no surprise to me.

Coming from a military family and having close friends currently serving overseas I have a tender spot for people who serve our country.   Oh and Ramie is half Korean!  It’s like the perfect combo of love for me.  Ramie was also funny, laid back, and super sweet.  So this made working with her a dream.   We got ready at Vintage Villas, where Ramie wanted a romantic and “messy” updo, with smokey eyes.  She pulled off each look perfectly.

Check out some of the shots I swiped off of SMP!

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One day..

One day I’ll stop all of these ‘I’ll be a better blogger’ claims and actually be one.  But- for now.  You must deal with my sporadic weddings and ramblings.

Such is life.

You know what else is life?  Awesome clients.  And I know I say it a lot.  But I really do have awesome clients.  And even if I didn’t.  I would TOTALLY tell you I did anyway. Because that’s way more P.C.  And my unawesome clients are mentioned on my secret “I -hate- my- clients- blog. ” Just kidding.  Maybe.  Noo, I kid, really.  But I can’t say that I’m not inspired….

Well.  Now I have you paranoid, don’t I.  Maybe that’s a good thing.  Maybe now you’ll be super nice to me and let me do any hairstyle I want.  Even if you hate it.  Out of fear that I’m going to write about you on the crazies other blog.  I’ve been inspired again.  This post  has been very inspiring.  I inspire myself really.   Let just soak all that in for a minute.

Well, now that we’ve soaked up my inspirational.. mojo?  We can continue on with the real reason I’m here.  It’s a MEGA BLOG!!  On WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY!!!!!!<insert booming car salesmens voice>   (try typing Wednesday three times and see if you can spell it without mistakes.  Even if you say WED-NES-DAY in your head)

My first little lady is Julie.  She hails (is that even spelled right?) from the lovely state of Colorado, where she’s finishing up vet school!  Swoon.  A girl who loves animals.  And lives in the state I love.  And who is flippin’ awesome.  Julie opted for a trial prior to her engagement session which went awesome, and I fell in love with her.  In the creepy way.  Julie, if you’re reading this.  I am in love with you.  Now, hook me up with some Frontline and Heartguard.  6 furry animals aint cheap!

So. Pretty.  And I’m not saying that because I’m in love with her and bias.  She really is pretty.  Julie chose to do loose waves, and natural airbrush makeup.  There was a ton of moisture in the air but the girls hair held up and looks beautiful.


Our next lovely and amazing lady is Candice.  I had never met Candice until her actual wedding day.  Which is not uncommon.  Candice and her bridesmaids were really, really, awesome.  My lovely assistant and I had such a great time while we were there.  Candice has short fine hair and wanted and updo but was concerned about the turn-out because it was so short.  Luckily for her.   I’m a great faker.  I can fake thick hair like nobodies business.  I realize I sound a little full of myself but it really is something I’ve taken the time to really work on and attempt to master.

Candice and her bridesmaids chose different hair and makeup styles but they all chose airbrush makeup with dramatic eyes.  Can’t go wrong with that combo.

(I swiped the following pictures from her photographers FB page.  I wasn’t able to contact her for more pictures.. so Jessica Laura Photography, if you have more- please share!!

Last but not in the slightest bit least.  Lindsay.  Lovely, lovely, Lindsay.  And her momma.  And her bridesmaids. AANND her Jr. Bridesmaids.  Lindsay got married at the gorgeous Hyatt at Lost Pines Resort on a rainy but BEAUTIFUL day!  I think she had a million girls in her bridal party.  All of them were lovely and a dream to work with.  Great hair, great skin..  Lindsay and her mom though.  We bonded.  When I first met them both it was for her bridal portraits/trial.  I was a little nervous at first because Lindsay has had her makeup done professionally quite often, so for me – its difficult to be compared to other artists.  But things went off without a hitch and I ended up looking forward to her wedding day.  Fast forward to the day before where I got to get Lindsay and her mother ready for the rehearsal dinner/party.  I could not have had more fun.  They are both so witty and sarcastic.  The perfect blend of everything I love most!  I even got to meet the groom which is a rare treat and he was soo laid back and cool.  I really liked him.  Lindsay.. I approve.   So I realize there are at on of pictures; but her uber talented photographer Andy with Studio 563 TOTALLY hooked me up!  Like he proactively sent them to me.  (minus a few I stole off his blog)

I don't know who the dude is but one must take any hair shot that they can get!
The three girls to the left were the super sweet Jr. Bridesmaids.
Momma of the bride with her super HAWT dress!!
Just gorgeous, inside and out.

Nope, your eyes did not studder. That is a Ferrari


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