Throw Back Thursday

I’m going to start implementing TBT’s here on the blog.  Mostly because it’s the only way to casually play off the fact that I’m am THAT far behind.

I loved everything about this wedding.  Starting with the gorgeous/sweet/kind bride.  Casey wore a long sleeved dress which was absolutely stunning on her.  Want to know something else thats stunning?  These photos from Amanda Pomilla Photography. Not only is she an incredible photographer but I get to call her friend.  Which may lead you to believe that I’m a little bias but.  Let these babies be the judge!

I don’t know whats going on here, but I do know I like it..


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Soo…it’s been a while

I’m not even going to waste our time with excuses.  I have neglected my website like a cat hoarder who gets too overwhelmed and forgets to feed all 2o4983094 of her cats.  I apologize.  You’re way more important to me than my hoarder cats.  Unless you’re a cat person- in which case you’re equally as important to me!

I’m going to cut to the chase and share some pretty awesome pictures with you.  If you’ve been around any given amount of time you’ll know I have a strong strong love for Loft Photography .  So it’ll also come as so surprise to you that the following pictures are phenomenal.  Not to mention my bride Ashley is gorgeous.  Inside and out.

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Where do I begin with sweet and soo soo pretty Katy?

Let’s begin by mentioning that one of my favorite people and photographers shot this wedding.  Magan with Urban Grey   referred me to Katy a while back.  She always sends me the sweetest of clients so of course I was excited to work with her.  It’s one of those thing where you’re really hoping the trial goes well.  You don’t want your friend to look bad for referring someone who does bad work, and you don’t want someone to think you do bad work!  Stressful all around.

You know what’s not stressful?  Katy.  Katy is a doll.  So stress free, so sweet, and easy going.  I had a lot of fun working with her and her bridesmaids on her wedding day.  I will say though.  That not everything was a peaches and roses.  Peaches and roses.  Is that even right?  Well anyway.  Not everything was dandy.  ( I have this uncontrollable need to use non-boring adjectives.  So I can’t just say, everything was not awesome.. dang it.  SEE?!, awesome would have been perfect.  )  Katy struggles with perfect skin syndrome.  Like  She doesn’t have pores.  Or wrinkles.  Or blemishes.  Her skin is perfect.  Ugh, and her hair.  Shiny.  Who has perfect hair and skin?!  Katy.  That’s who.

For Katy we did her hair in a romantic and timeless updo, airbrush makeup with natural looking lashes.  Her bridesmaids also chose classic updos as well.

On with the show.

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A quicky- but a a goodie!

One of our past brides wedding was published on Elizabeth Anne Designs! 

Casey and her now husband Austin, are two awesomely nice people.  I met Casey when I first did her trial and then her engagement hair/makeup last year.   Fast forward to her wedding day, which turned out beautifully (obviously because it’s published!).  Her bridesmaids dresses were some of the prettiest I’ve seen.  Casey really is gorgeous inside and out.  She’s super sweet, and kind, and a blessing to meet.  And not in the way us Southerners say “bless her heart” blessing.

We enjoyed spending the morning with Casey on her big day, doing hair and makeup for her and her bridesmaids.  All of them gorgeous and from different necks of the woods. That’s how you know you’re loved.  When your lady friends fly in from all over to be a part of such an important event!

**Edit.  So.  I lied.  This isn’t really a quicky.  I hadn’t realized the photographer had posted pictures on their blog yet, so I thought I would post a quick post with a couple of stolen pictures.  Turns out.  I’ve got a TON.   Bad news is, I just kinda accidentally learned how to upload a ton of pictures at once.  You see, in the past.  I had been uploading each picture one by one.  Then this magical thing called the “drop box” appeared and then I could just drag a bunch of picture into it and viola!  However, I had to go back and upload each one to my post.  Which still took FOR-EV-ER!  Then I saw this option of “mass action” or something.  Maybe it said “bulk actions ” either way, I clicked it.  Sooo, now there’s a bunch on here, but they’re all out of order and I don’t know how to make them bigger, or comment on them.  Oye vey.  I really do need someone to do this for me.  But no one has volunteered yet.  So either, A. No one is reading this blog.  or B.  Y’all enjoy seeing me struggle.  It’s probably a little bit of A and B.  sick bastards.   If it’s mostly B., I should warn you.  It’s amusing at first.  Then it just gets irritating.  You’re lucky I don’t blog regularly otherwise you’d totally be tired of it.  As my sister.

Anyway- here are a few pictures I stole off of Casey’s Facebook (the engagements) and from the Elizabeth Anne Designs website as well as Forever Photography Studio’s blog .  That’s a lot of thieving for one post if you ask me.  The things I do for you.

Oh and a BIG shout out to their adorable dog Cowboy!  Soo sweet he got to be in the wedding!  I love dog people!

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