Taming the Demons..

Hate frizzy hair?  Tired of waking up in a tangled mess?  Hair so dry you can hear it crackle in the wind?  Well say goodbye to to those frizzy flammable tumbleweeds!

I could go on pretending like this is a hair infomercial but I’ll stop here. Because I really could just keep going on past silly catchy title and straight onto you’ve gone too far. Which wouldn’t be the first for me.. In fact. It’s probably expected at this point. Well allow me to not only wow you with actually getting to the point, but also with this free tip.

Cotton is not your friend.  Well.  No, that’s not true.  Cotton is lovely.  Just not for your hair.

“Cotton can absorb about 25 times it’s weight in water. This is because of it’s molecular structure, the arrangement, and spacing of it’s molecules creates many places that attract water. You can find more information here: www.fibers.com”


Most people sleep on cotton sheets and use cotton pillowcases.  So besides drool, what else are those pillow cases absorbing?  Important oils that our scalps produce to keep our hair healthy!
They’re literally sucking the life right out of your hair.  Luckily for us cotton sleepers, there’s a solution!
You have several options here-
Satin- You can easily pop into the beauty/hair fair isle at your local home store, and pick up a satin hair cap. Although satin isn’t as absorbent as cotton, it normally comes with mixed reviews.  I also would advise against satin pillow cases or sheets for that matter simply because they’re not as breathable and can cause breakouts. Nobody likes body breakouts. Not to mention that Your skin needs to breath people!  So put on those boring Egyptian cotton sheets back on your bed,and save those satin ones for special occasions.
Silk- Silk is breathable, some say even hypoallergenic, and only mildly absorbent.  If you’re into matching sheets and don’t want to splurge on a pure silk sheet set, a great and more affordable option is a silk sleep bonnet.  Be sure to find one that has enough room for all of your hair to loosely fit inside, with a snug but not too tight elastic.  Avoid caps/scarves as these will flatten your hair over night.  Unless of course this is the look you were going for.
Pretty AnntoiNet’s has hair lingerie .  It’s a sad day when you have to admit that your hair has better lingerie than you do. I realize you’ll probably look a little silly at night, but its for the sake of a good do.  Not to mention it’ll save you a ton of money on all that smoothing crap you put in your hair only to have it disappear in the AM, and/or eventually build up on your hair weighing it down so much that you’ll have to read my other blog post about flat hair.  (Don’t panic if you can’t find it.  It doesn’t exist yet. But it will.. One day.  It will)
Silk caps are especially beneficial for my curly haired folks.  Keeping those gorgeous curls looking healthy takes work.  So this is one less step.  A large step even.
I’m certain you’ll notice a difference.  There are several places you can find these bonnets, including the link above, Amazon, Etsy, and Ebay.  100% silk is what you want to make sure you’re getting if you’re going the silk route.  The bonnets range from affordable $20 to I’m literally investing with my hair.  Give it a try, and if all else fails, it makes a great Halloween accessory.
Let me know what you think of yours, or better yet.  Send me a picture with it on.  I promise to give you a 5 minute warning before I tag you on Facebook!
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