TBT Continues

If you’re thinking that it’s probably 1am on a Tuesday morning and I’m just catching up on all my missed blogs, you’d be partially wrong.  It’s 12:53am.  TYVM.

I’m not proud.  But I’m trying.  So we’ve got that going for us.

Here below you’ll find some pretty awesome pictures AGAIN by the amazing Amanda Pomilla Photography Not just because I still have her link copy and pasted to my clip board from the last post.  BUT also because she actually sends me images.  I almost NEVER remember to ask photographers for pictures from past weddings.  So it’s a lovely treat when one of them actually does.  Independently!

Jen literally booked me on the fly.  I believe it was seriously just a few days before her wedding.  We don’t typically have availability this late in the game but it was on a Sunday and in the summer.  So win win for the both of us!

There was absolutely nothing that I didn’t love about Jen and her wedding.  Her bridesmaids were hilarious.  The all chose great hairstyles and makeup looks.  Her style and color pallet was everything I ever dreamt of.  I genuinely contemplated stealing her dress.  It hung about 10ft away from me.  (I require at least a radius of at least 12 feet from all things white wedding dress as I am accident prone). Clearly it wanted me to wear it.  But I wasn’t 100 % sure if that was going to cross the line.  I’me not great with lines.  cosman_hall_amandapomillaphotography_lbjwildflowercenterjenandsimon0109_lowcosman_hall_amandapomillaphotography_lbjwildflowercenterjenandsimon0106_lowcosman_hall_amandapomillaphotography_lbjwildflowercenterjenandsimon0089_lowcosman_hall_amandapomillaphotography_lbjwildflowercenterjenandsimon0088_lowcosman_hall_amandapomillaphotography_lbjwildflowercenterjenandsimon0083_lowcosman_hall_amandapomillaphotography_lbjwildflowercenterjenandsimon0081_lowcosman_hall_amandapomillaphotography_lbjwildflowercenterjenandsimon0080_lowcosman_hall_amandapomillaphotography_lbjwildflowercenterjenandsimon0079_lowcosman_hall_amandapomillaphotography_lbjwildflowercenterjenandsimon0078_lowcosman_hall_amandapomillaphotography_lbjwildflowercenterjenandsimon0069_lowcosman_hall_amandapomillaphotography_lbjwildflowercenterjenandsimon0065_lowcosman_hall_amandapomillaphotography_lbjwildflowercenterjenandsimon0062_lowcosman_hall_amandapomillaphotography_lbjwildflowercenterjenandsimon0061_lowcosman_hall_amandapomillaphotography_lbjwildflowercenterjenandsimon0060_lowcosman_hall_amandapomillaphotography_lbjwildflowercenterjenandsimon0059_lowcosman_hall_amandapomillaphotography_lbjwildflowercenterjenandsimon0057_lowcosman_hall_amandapomillaphotography_lbjwildflowercenterjenandsimon0051_lowcosman_hall_amandapomillaphotography_lbjwildflowercenterjenandsimon0050_lowcosman_hall_amandapomillaphotography_lbjwildflowercenterjenandsimon0049_lowcosman_hall_amandapomillaphotography_lbjwildflowercenterjenandsimon0048_low


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