The Early Bird..

Gets the gorgeous wedding!

How many times does a girl have to say, “organic” or “bohemian” or “natural” or “other earthy words” until you get the point that I am a closet hippy.  I think I’ve said it on this blog before.  I am a hairy armpit away from being a full fledged granola I tell you!

So back to the bride.. I guess.  Kristin.  I met her and her lovely mother at my house for a trial, and when I first saw Kristin, I was in love.  She weighs a whole 89 cents and was sporting a cute.. moo moo.  I know.  It sounds terrible.  But it was of the shorter variety and definitely more trendy.  And looked amazing on her.  She had on other cute stuff too but I don’t want to get into too much detail about that because I’m trying to avoid making my blog seem creepy.  The point is to draw people in after-all.  Not red flag the FBI.

Man, I need to get this ADD looked into.

Kristin’s wedding (Like how I segwayed right into the wedding bit?) was in the AM as to spare her guests the sweltering Texas summer weather.  Her and her friends stayed up getting flowers ready and just spending time together.  We started fairly early, I believe at 6am.  When I walked into her hotel room at the Stephen F. Austin it was Fuh-Reezing!  And I loved every bit of it.  They had to keep it cold so that the flowers would stay fresh.  And quite frankly.  I think it helped Angela stay fresh as well.  What does this have to do with anything?  Well, I just like to keep my future brides abreast as to how I like things on the wedding day.  Being that it is all about me after-all.  Kristin opted for standard foundation and a super natural makeup look.  We did a romantic and loose updo with a few braids mixed in, in honor of our bohemian love.   Ooh.. I like that.  I think I’ll name our next kid- Bohemian Love.  Done, and Done.

Here are some pictures of the day in question.  Pictures once again courtesy of the amazing photographers The Nichols

Some of the bridesmaids even got in on the action!

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  1. Oh man, just gorgeous!! You really do an amazing job Angela. I am so stunned by how people can look so good at 6 am also.

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