The perfect Red!

I may have finally found THE perfect red lipstick! So far its, been pretty universal and I’m definitely in love!

I recently took a class at MAC and the instructor used this gorgeous red lipstick on one of the models and it was love at first sight. With the lipstick, not the model. I’m not attracted to people who are thinner and prettier than I am. 😉 I realize now that, that statement alone could offend all of my friends. But dear friends, please know- I love you, but I’m not attracted to you in that way. Okay, I seriously digress.

So this lipstick (can you tell I’m stalling for dramatic purposes?) with any red lipstick needs a good liner prior to its application. Liner will help your lipstick stay on longer and not bleed. However, anyone who has tried the dramatic red lip look, knows that red lipstick bleeds! So a tip/trick is to use this eyebrow wax made by MAC under the lipstick and liner. I haven’t been able to rock out my new love yet for an extended period of time yet because its like some sort of beacon for my son who stares at me entranced and then will reach out and smudge my lipstick. You also have to be ready to rock it out. You have own the red. So if your not feeling it, it wont feel you.

Red lipstick isn’t fool proof. One shade off and it can age you, age your teeth, and make you look like a hussy. It also has to be applied flawlessly otherwise it will throw off your whole look and just make you look unkempt.

Another red lipstick tip (or for any dark lipstick) is to take a little liquid foundation or preferably concealor and a small concealor brush and line the outer rim of your lips after you’ve applied the lipstick. This will help mask any mistakes as well as highlight your lips and give a fuller appearance. And who doesn’t want fuller lips? Just ask all the famous chicks who inject the life out of their lips!

Okay so the unveiling of the fantastic lipstick!.. Drum roll please………..Soooo, I don’t have any mad blog skills and don’t know how to insert a drum roll, or even if you can, so lets just use our imagination.
Back to the point.. Next time youre in a MAC store.. hit up the lovely “Russian Red” lipstick. It is a blueish red lipstick that really is just gorgeous! Their “Cherry Bomb” lip liner works fabulously with it as well!

3 thoughts on “The perfect Red!

  1. I so cannot wear red. i never even wear red clothes. i think it makes me look dead. 😉

  2. You absolutely can wear red, you just have to find the right shade!

  3. I agree with LuciaMarie, you can wear red, it's all about choosing either a warm red or a cool toned red. Like me, I can't seem to pull off cool/blue reds (except for MAC Ruby Woo). I mostly need to wear warmer or orange reds, since I have warm skin tones.

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