Trying new things..

(Why yes, I do happen to have a camel picture handy, before you judge- lets discuss what pictures you have randomly on your computer.. perhaps under the “private” folder. )
I like trying new things. I think this makes me adventurous. I may have no desire to jump out of planes, off bridges, or hike the Serengeti. Actually, I don’t even know if one would “hike” the Serengeti. If not, please feel free to take creative liberties and just insert some place adventurous to hike.

I do- however, love to try new foods, new recipes, and new shopping locations.. okay that one was lame. But you get the point. I also love to try new products. It’s no secret that I have an uncontrollable desire to know everything about everything. Did you know that there are almost no wild camels. There is a small extremely endangered population in China and Mongolia.
Crazy isn’t it? Lets not even get me started on the sweet wittle Pandas out there. I really need to get on something for this ADD don’t I?

My desire to know everything about everything had led me to agree to sample a makeup product called Mineral Hygenics

Mineral Hygienics is a mineral powder similar to the popular mineral makeup you see on infomercials. It’s gluten free, talc free, Bismuth free, and a whole bunch of other great things. I’ve been using said infomercial makeup for years now but have lately been unhappy with the results. I’ve also wanted to look into retailing makeup. But couldn’t decide on which line to use.
You guys know I wouldn’t lie to you about a product, or try to sell you anything I don’t fully stand behind. I am not being paid for this review. I just wanted to chat about it.

I got my box of foundation samples as well as a foundation brush in the mail today and was excited to try it on. The person I talked to on the phone said that MH was sweat resistant, great for sensitive skin, non-acnegenic, and water resistant. You had me at sweat resistant. I have been known to wear the “hard core” Camouflage airbrush foundation in the summer because I sweat profusely and my makeup is usually MIA within an hour. Lovely. I put on the MH foundation today before I needed to run a few errands. The foundation itself seems to be a bit finer than what I’m used to. This for me is neither a plus or negative. I found the coverage to be a little lighter than the other brand as well, but I also may not have put on my typical amount. It did however give me good coverage with a natural even skin tone. The feeling of the makeup on my face is a bit.. dryer. But not in the sense that it makes me look or feel dry. It just doesn’t have the same texture as the “other brand”. I realize I keep comparing the two but I don’t have a lot of experience with many other brands.
I can say though, that it has been over 6 hours and I have had a small sweaty episode and my makeup coverage appears to be the same as it was when I first applied. I also tried their mineral enhancer which I believe is in “Cool Kiss”. I have to say, I LOVE this color. Its great for either a bronzer or even great for contouring. Its not orangey which is a huge plus.

So far, I actually like this stuff. I’m going to wear it for a week and let you know how it wears, and if I notice any break outs. I have super sensitive skin as well as eczema so I’ll know pretty soon if this makeup is legit or not! I’m excited though to give this a-go. So far, so good.

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