We’re Expecting!!!!

That’s right beautiful people!  LucieMarie is all sorts of pregnant!   With awesome and exciting new things, ideas, and adventures!    (Okay did anyone just picture the scene from Alien when the little dancing alien pops out of the guys stomach?  Or wait.. That’s Space Balls isn’t it? )  We are SOOO very excited to be expanding and to be able to offer our services in our new studio!   A real one folks.  Not Angela’s kitchen!  Those of you who have had the pleasure of getting your hair cut by Angela or or a hair trial in her breakfast room, will be able to truly appreciate this forward move!

At our studio we’ll be offering hair cuts, extensions, waxing, spray tanning,  and makeup lessons!

But don’t you worry, LucieMarie will STILL specialize in on-location hair and makeup.  You’ll just have the option to come to us now too!

Our studio is right inside of Michelle’s Patisserie off of 620 and near 183.

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