What have I done?!

I’ve decided that since I don’t have a “gallery” page on my site I would post a few non-pro pictures on here so that A.) I can show of my fabulous photography skills *Please note the hint or less than subtle note of sarcasm…and B.) So you can get an idea of what we have done. Please keep in mind that most of these pictures are from hair trials.

Why add that disclaimer? Because during a hair trial we are playing around with your hair and deciding on what you want to do- so there isn’t a ton of product, and the hair isn’t as neat and tidy as it would be day-of.

Why no makeup pictures you ask? Well, there may be a few but for the most party, my overly priced rinky dink camera doesn’t take great makeup photos.

So anyway- here are a couple of pictures- I’m far too lazy to post them all so this’ll have to do!

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