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I feel like all of my blog posts have become repetitive.  “I love this bride”  “She’s so sweet” “Amazing bride”.  This may come as a surprise to you, but I am not a writing major.  I can think of no other creative ways to describe how much I truly love my clients!  I’m not sure how we’ve gotten so lucky to have such amazing people to work with.  Because I’ve heard horror stories, and I know that they’re out there… But just not here!

Take Audra for instance.  She is sooo soo sweet.  She’s soft spoken, and just so.. sweet.  Seriously.  I think she could put a Disney Princess to shame.

Audra wanted a textured, romantic, and classically vintage undo.  Her dress was a slightly vintage form fitting lace dress, and the style she chose fit perfectly.  Because Audra is so naturally beautiful she wanted to stick with a natural look for makeup.  I was still able to use airbrush on her but a very light application.


Here are some snippets she sent me from her bridal portrait session.  I know we’re not suppose to judge, but can’t you just tell how sweet she is?

Photo credit: Meagan McLendon Photography

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