Will you be my Valentine?

Okay the title is a little strange.  It’s like 11pm, and I have three kids (not including my husband).  Sometimes strange is the best I can do.

Do yo know whats not strange?  (this is THE WORST segue ever) Boudoir mini sessions!  I’m teaming up with the talented, and fun Sherry Hammonds, and we’re going to be offering boudoir sessions for a few lucky ladies at an extremely discounted rate, at a lovely location, and this includes hair and makeup by yours truly!  I’ll even hang around and help lighten the mood, and probably make awkward jokes.   Who can say no to something like that?

And listen up ladies.  I don’t wanna hear the,  “I gotta lose X amount of weight first”.   Because I’m here to tell you.  You’re gorgeous how you are now.  This coming from a girl whose kids like to run and bounce off her butt.  True story.   And guess what.  Your partner loves you the way you are too!   So stop being self conscious and do it.   Put on your big girl panties and book now before we fill up.  (Probably best to leave those panties at home though, you know which ones I’m talking about. )

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